During the last year, the sports industry has dealt with the unforeseen and unpredictability of the covid-19 pandemic. Whilst the pandemic has been affecting us all, we can finally say that we see the end of the tunnel and hope better days are coming soon.

Here at SkiMachine, we had a rough year as well, just like everyone else in the action sport and leisure industry. However, we have used this time wisely and came up with great innovations! We look forward and aim to help businesses stand out and perform to their fullest potential, which has led to many positive reactions from clients that have used our products. 

With an expected global rise in the sports and recreational industry, it is of great importance in getting your center prepared for a kickstart in the upcoming season.

“How?” you say? SkiMachine is here to help and we are more than happy to explain how!

Looking towards the future

After this slow year in the winter sports industry, we are ready to give snow sport enthusiasts a fresh and exciting experience by offering our high-quality indoor ski simulators to sports/ski and leisure centers worldwide.

Owning one of our Ski simulators creates a unique selling point and a competitive advantage to further satisfy your customers, making it easy to keep up with the natural growth of the industry and keep ahead of competitors. Therefore, SkiMachine is here to help!

ice age SkiMachine is here to help
virtual reality SkiMachine is here to help
kids training SkiMachine is here to help

Looking back at a turbulent year

The past year has been filled with uncertainty, something that is undesirable to us all. From the start, it seemed as we were going through a continuous pattern with restrictions and setbacks from the Covid-19 virus. This resulted in fear for the existence of companies. Cancellation and limited training has led to the inevitable closure of many ski/recreational centers and ski shops all over the world and increased the amount of adaptation needed to continue business to a certain extent, making it difficult for companies to plan.

At SkiMachine, we look forward and are eager to make this transition period a more smooth process for the companies affected, just like skiing on our artificial ski grass!  2020 pretty much felt like a continuous downwards slope. Which, in contrast to our Ski Simulator, is of similar reference (downwards slope) but in a different positive context.

Innovation is key

SkiMachine is always at the forefront of the indoor ski revolution and sets the standards for the industry. Therefore, we have spent our time wisely and effectively; broadening our product portfolio with a variety of innovations for our simulators:

  • Specialized speed increase for pro athletes
  • Sportainment with challenging Interactive Games
  • Custom Built Cycling Simulator
  • Questlife’s Office Treadmill for Meetings

There is certainly more to come; endless slopes equal endless possibilities, meaning we continuously bring new concepts to life. Our next innovative project will be a challenging and never-ending Climbing Simulator for indoor and outdoor use to fulfill the wishes of every climbing enthusiast!



We are more than ready for a fresh start? Are you?

After looking back at a difficult year, we are thrilled to re-open and get back to business as usual. However, you might be thinking, how will it even get “back to usual?” Something we do know is that SkiMachine is here to help and ready to support all the businesses which could benefit from our products.

The real question now is: are you ready?
SkiMachine is here to offer a great variety of indoor ski simulators and fun interactive games. Challenge yourself or friends in fun sessions while bringing your skiing technique to the next level!

Our Ski Simulators are a fantastic addition to action sport centers and a guaranteed crowd magnet, which is the perfect way to strengthen your customer journey.

ski lessons SkiMachine is here to help
interactive ski lessons SkiMachine is here to help
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Opportunities with SkiMachine

That being said, businesses within the ski industry need to differentiate to thrive in today’s competitive market. Have you been struggling to have that one unique selling point that brings people to your business?

With our variety of SkiMachines on display, you can be a stand-out competitor where others would not even want to compete with. Our Ski Simulators offer multiple unique selling points, ranging from:

center SkiMachine is here to help
ski center SkiMachine is here to help

Treadmill SkiMachines

Perfect for an enjoyable family experience for amusement/recreational centers with our fun new interactive SkiMachine games. Our treadmill ski machine is also used in many ski centers/clubs around the world. They offer customers the best way to shape their technique and improve on ski-specific fitness exercises.

What to expect?

  • RFunctional for anyone at any level of skiing/snowboarding for your center
  • REnjoyable with our interactive ski machine games using an augmented reality system
  • RImprove endurance
  • RBreak-in new boots
  • RShape technique to perfection
  • RImprove on ski-specific fitness
  • RSkiing all year round
  • REffective preparation for Major ski events
  • ROrganize ski fitness sessions with an efficient HIIT workout
treadmill simulator SkiMachine is here to help

Portable SkiMachines

The right choice when it comes to breaking in new boots and optimum boot fitting which will give the best customer experience to your ski/sports shops. A portable ski slope is also perfect for private training centers or during shows and trade fairs because of the limited space needed. This portable ski slope can also be used for nordic, cross country, and telemark skiing as well, making it a multi-use sports simulator.

What to expect?

  • RBreak-in new boots
  • RImprove on ski-specific fitness
  • ROpen private training sessions for your shop
  • RSimple ability to be moved around
  • RPractice Nordic, cross country, and telemark skiing
  • RHaving fun trying on your equipment
  • RGaining customer attention
portable slope SkiMachine is here to help

Disc SkiMachines

A unique and exciting ski simulator for customers’ ski and snowboarding lessons. It can also be used for an enjoyable fun park where customers can jump in a tube and have some tobogganing fun! This product is also really good to use for cross country skiing and can be utilized for mountain biking as well.

What to expect?

  • RImprove on ski-specific fitness
  • RPractice cross-country skiing
  • RSkiing all year round
  • RMultisports use: tobogganing, mountain biking, snowboarding
  • RDiverse functions and activities
disc slope SkiMachine is here to help

Need more information about our products? 

Looking for a customized project?

Our engineers are always in for a challenge. Next to offering a big variety of ski simulators, we also offer customized products such as our Custom-built cycling treadmill and a meeting treadmill. When you’re looking for a simulator that is not solely for skiing or snowboarding, propose your idea and we are more than happy to make it happen!  

The SkiMachine simulator is working extremely well for us. Kids are breaking in new boots, improving their ski-specific fitness, and of course, bettering their technique. SkiMachine is a reliable partner and we’d like to thank them for a fantastic addition to our ski center.

Nancy Deely

CEO, Pro-Fit Ski & Mountain Sports

Why choose SkiMachine?

With numerous positive reactions from clients, our Ski Simulator is proven to be a guaranteed crowd magnet and a solution for worldwide ski centers to differentiate in a consistently growing industry, allowing them to keep ahead of competition and increase their customer satisfaction in a unique and fun way. SkiMachine is here to help!

We are determined to keep our team committed to our passion and install our SkiMachines in as many places around the world, serving the Ski-world of the future.



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