Alpine Factory is the first indoor ski center in Minneapolis, USA

alpine factory endless slope ski machine

Where can you go indoor skiing in USA ?
The Alpine Factory, Minneapolis !

Minneapolis together with St. Paul is known as the Twin Cities and the birthplace of Olympian Alpine Skiers like Wiley Maple and Lyndsey Vonn. Although Minnesota has many ski resorts to offer such as; Lutson Mountain, Buck Hill Ski Area, Giants Ridge Resorts and at least ten other, both Olympians decided to move to Colorado for better snow conditions!

If they knew about ‘The Alpine Factory’ and the endless skiing experience they offer on the ski machines, they may have never left Minnesota… who knows…

Long-time ski instructors Jessica and Dan knew there had to be a better way to stay in condition even when there´s no snow on the ground. After skiing at indoor ski centers in Europe they knew they had to bring it over to the US. Armed with a strong business plan, they managed to set up the first indoor training location for skiing and snowboarding in the US, located in Minnesota, called ‘The Alpine Factory’.

They built the ski center with the primary goal to maintain skiing form year round, improving your technique, and keeping your sliding skills sharp so that you are in optimal shape, ready when the snow falls on the mountains.

If you love skiing and snowboarding you are going to love The Alpine Factory!

So, why train on an indoor ski simulator?

There are many reasons to practice year-round.

indoor ski center USAStay in Shape & Improve your fitness
Did you know that during a typical day in the snow, you spend only 30 – 60 minutes actually snowboarding? The revolving slopes at The Alpine Factory let you snowboard or ski for a one-hour session which is equivalent to a full day on the slopes! This can easily replace a boring gym workout and you get to do the sport you love.

No more off-seasons
A never-ending indoor slope lets you ski and snowboard all year round in a climate-controlled center, so you don’t have to wait for the snow to fall to dust off your ski or snowboard boots. On top of that, consistent practice allows you to transition back to snow without feeling rusty at the beginning of the winter which can help decrease the chance of injuries as you get back into it.

Improve your skills
No matter your ability, the certified instructors can help you improve your technique during a one hour lesson. The Alpine Revolving Slope 5090 can handle 3 skiers simultaneously and there will be plenty of coaching during your session.

Learn something new
The Alpine Factory is the perfect place to learn how to ski and snowboard and you will pick up the basics in no time. The slope can be stopped instantly by your instructor and the level of difficulty can be adapted to your comfort zone. As your ability and confidence grow, we can increase the speed and gradient of the slope making it suitable for any level of rider.

Have fun!
It does not matter if you come alone or with friends and family, an indoor ski center is a fun and friendly place to make some turns, socialize with like-minded people and it’s a chance to experience something new!

Check it out yourself:
The Alpine factory website

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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