In the Netherlands and Belgium where mountains are appropiately called ‘rare’, indoor ski centers are repeatedly visited by various audiences as indoor skiing is increasing in popularity. To bring indoor skiing to an even greater audience, retail store Herqua Sports has launched ‘’The Golden Ski Shoe’’ award to determine which indoor ski center out of 50 is worthy of being named the best center of the Netherlands and Belgium. Ambiance, quality of ski lessons, kid-friendliness, and food & beverage tailors were among the criteria for the judges to select the best ski center. A great amount of votes combined with the jury’s assessment has resulted in Ski Center Leenman becoming the proud winner of this year’s Golden Shoe Award. We spoke to owner Jan Leenman to share his thoughts on winning the award!


Winter sports closer to home

Ski Center Leenman is bringing winter sports closer to home. The industrial area in Zwolle where the center is located has nothing related to skiing or snow sports, however, when entering the ski center visitors step into an Austrian-like winter wonderland with alpine mountain scenery, SkiMachine simulators, and a warm après-ski bar where fresh glühwein is served!


As a team, we focus on creating the ultimate winter sport environment for our visitors. Receiving a great number of votes and becoming the winner of the Golden Shoe Award is worth being proud of and confirms we are providing our customers with something unique.

Jan Leenman

Owner, Ski Center Leenman Zwolle


The ultimate winter sports experience

In 20 years of existence, the family company in Zwolle has created wealth and known-how in providing skiers of all skill levels with the winter experience they’ve been looking for. Safety, professionality, enthusiasm, and ambiance are what motivate the group of passionate and experienced ski teachers of Leenman’s ski center. From introducing the sport of skiing to newcomers to shaping the technique of more advanced skiers, it’s all part of Leenman’s pursuits. The ski center differentiates from other ski centers by providing customers with the highest level of service, using introductory meetings and manual planning to optimize its ski training sessions.

In advance of each indoor ski training season, we invest in our ski instructors by organizing an 8-week training course with the ultimate goal of maximizing the quality of the ski lessons we provide to our customers. Fun is one of the most important factors when learning how to ski, so that is something we repeatedly focus on during our training sessions.

Jan Leenman

Owner, Ski Center Leenman Zwolle

If you’re in for a great experience, Ski Center Leenman is a place where snow sports enthusiasts feel at home and is definitely worth your visit!

Why indoor skiing is beneficial

There are plenty of reasons why indoor ski training is beneficial. Skiing is a broad sport that involves a never-ending learning process, no matter how much your ability improves. With year-round indoor ski training, beginners can learn how to ski in a safe and comfortable environment under professional guidance, and advanced skiers can shape their technique in a fun and effective way.

Visiting an indoor ski center is always a great choice! Whether skiers want to maintain physical and mental well-being, challenge their friends in an interactive experience, drink warm chocolate in the bar, or prepare for a winter sports trip to maximize the holiday fun, ski centers offer it all.


Ski Center Leenman about SkiMachine

We switched to SkiMachine three years ago and it’s the best choice we’ve ever made. I would recommend SkiMachine for their excellent service, great contact, and high-quality ski simulators that are innovative and durable!

Jan Leenman

Owner, Ski Center Leenman Zwolle



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