Our engineers like to be challenged! A foldable simulator, easy to set up for cyclists, with enough space for group training. It´s definitely something different than a ski machine but we succeeded and the first reactions were promising. Building a completely new treadmill simulator brings unforeseen challenges, especially if it needs to be a plug-and-play solution that can fit in a container. Some weeks later filled with swearing words and eureka moments we were off to start and came up with a beautiful cycling simulator!

Boost your progress during the off-season

Whether you’re competing in races or wanting to train recreational with friends, the cycling simulator is the perfect way to prepare for the upcoming cycling season! With the current weather and the lockdown situation, interactive indoor training with innovative hardware and software features such as Tacx trainers allow you to well maintain your shape. However, the key to a great cycling progression is to incorporate progressive overload and consistency in a healthy mix of both outdoor and indoor riding which is mentally and physically beneficial. Doing short and intense indoor workouts inside and longer, less intense outdoor workouts is the perfect way to boost your progress during off-season.

The custom training simulator is the future of cycling

An infinite road is the dream of every cycling enthusiast. Alpine Engineering created a custom cycling simulator to make this dream come true which allows you to optimize your cycling training sessions. The foldable treadmill is easy to set up anywhere and contains a smooth surface covered with our specially designed rubber coating which creates grip and makes it ready to cycle endlessly.

group training on Custom-built cycling simulator

The advantages of a cycling training simulator

When the Custom Cycling Machine is set up, the speed of the treadmill can be adjusted to make it suitable for every level and let it simulate every situation. The reverse mode of the treadmill creates the right intensity and brings beneficial adaptations into your training. When you’re tired of training by yourself, you can always invite a training partner as the surface of 4 by 6m. provides enough space for multiple athletes, which is perfect to train rotations for a team time trial.

What to expect?

  • Turnkey delivery
  • Galvanized support frame
  • 9Top layer of rubber coating for optimal road traction
  • Foldable for transport
  • Built on swivel wheels
  • ZSuitable for downhill and uphill sports
  • i36 months warranty
  • RSafety features:
  • Switchable sensors around the surface for safety
  • sRemote control with emergency stop button and out of reach control
  • ]Control box with emergency stop
  • 6Railing for start and stop on each side.

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Need a more portable solution?

Our portable treadmill is designed to move around and therefore built on swivel wheels, reducing the setup time to less than an hour! The simulator can be easily placed on a car trailer and transported which is ideal for cyclists who are eager to bring their training to multiple locations.


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