An Alpine winter landscape with mountain scenery, chalet facades, snowy rock works, F&B terraces, Disc Slope Simulators, and real snowfall, Unlimited Snow is bringing a new leisure experience to snow sports enthusiasts of all ages around the world with its ‘’plug and play’’ concept: Miko’s World. 

The ultimate winter experience

After years of experience in the leisure industry, Unlimited Snow is creating innovative solutions for all imaginable snow & ice leisure experiences. The impressive list of attractions includes theme & water parks, shopping malls, casinos, family & urban entertainment centers, sports facilities, and summer & winter resorts.

Next to producing high-quality snow attractions, Unlimited Snow is offering hand-fitted synthetic ice furniture with ice-cool effects and thematized ski and snowboard furniture to provide visitors with the ultimate winter setting they have all been dreaming of.

Winter fantasy: Miko’s world

Miko’s world concept features a marmot’s family and several other animal characters from the Alps experiencing all kinds of fun adventures in a giant winter fantasy world. Visitors from all ages are warmly welcomed in an alpine winter landscape where it’s all about living the dream of every winter sports enthusiast. Skiing, snowboarding, bobsledding, ice skating, snow play, snowballs, zip lines, bumper cars on ice, and tobogganing on our Disc Slope Simulator, it’s all there!

This ‘’Plug and Play’’ concept can be easily implemented in any mall or event location without the requirement of costly alterations and cooling. The only requirement is an empty building or tent, with a normal air-conditioned temperature. Miko’s World includes everything an attraction needs, including ticketing, F&B, and merchandise shops, and is available in the following sizes: 282 m², 600 m², 1200 m², 2400 m², and 4.800 m².


Why our Disc Slope Simulators fit all snow sports centers

Indoor ski centers love our Disc Slope Ski Simulator! The gigantic disc, in octagonal form, is a guaranteed crowd-magnet and a fantastic addition to indoor snow sports centers worldwide. As the disc creates an endless rotating movement while it’s tilting, skiers will experience a real forward momentum by continuously going down to the lowest point of the Disc Slope Simulator. Our Disc Slope Simulator creates the feeling of skiing an infinite mountain with real snow and is the right choice for ski & snowboarding lessons, telemark skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing/snowboarding, or some tobogganing fun. Just sit in a tube and there you go!

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