South Florida isn’t typically associated with a winter wonderland, but that all changed with the opening of Boca Ice & Fine Arts Center in Boca Raton in December 2022. This massive Family Entertainment Center offers snow sports in the sunshine state, thanks to the installation of our Treadmill SkiMachine. Visitors can now enjoy a day of skiing and snowboarding without traveling all the way to Vail or Sandia Peak.

Family Entertainment Center – Boca Ice

Located off of I-95 Exit 50 Congress Avenue in Boca Raton, the Boca Ice & Fine Arts Center offers a vast 73,000 sqft state-of-the-art indoor family entertainment center featuring an impressive range of facilities, such as twin NHL-size hockey rinks, elite figure skating, best-in-class hockey programs, professional ice shows, and performing arts: dance, music, and ballet. Back in June 2022, our team of engineers traveled to Boca Raton in Florida to install a Treadmill SkiMachine at the Boca Ice & Fine Arts Center on a mezzanine in the middle of two hockey rinks. We are always up for a challenge and therefore, the visitors of Boca Ice can experience the excitement of skiing on our SkiMachine while enjoying views of the nearby ice hockey rinks!

Installing a SkiMachine on a mezzanine just as wide as the machine’s own size and without the use of lifting equipment was a highly unusual installation. Since we couldn’t drive a forklift over the ice hockey rinks, our engineering expertise was put to the test. Ultimately, we take pride in seeing our customers satisfied, and with the added bonus of a test ride that offered an amazing view over the hockey rinks, the effort was certainly worth it!

Michiel Keijzer

Engineer, SkiMachine

From sketch to reality

The process for creating high-end SkiMachines starts with customer needs and desires, followed by the creation of a 3D blueprint of the revolving slope by a mechanical engineer. Next, a graphical designer creates personalized branded designs for the exercise bars and boarding of the slope. This creates a SkiMachine that doubles as an interactive billboard, displaying the customer’s brand message.

In the meantime, our factory in the Netherlands assembles the necessary components of the endless ski slope using only the finest quality materials and subjecting them to rigorous safety standards. Our skilled production team takes great care in preparing and assembling the main construction of the SkiMachine. The design files are printed and attached to the corresponding components to customize the SkiMachine. Finally, a new layer of Pro Snow Artificial Ski Grass is added to the conveyor belt, resulting in a fully customized SkiMachine ready for shipment!

skimachine design
boca ice boca raton
boca ice fine arts

How Family Entertainment Centers can use the Treadmill SkiMachine

Our Treadmill SkiMachine model is a valuable asset and indispensable addition to family entertainment centers, bringing snow sports to places where snowfall doesn’t naturally occur. The SkiMachine not only serves as an attractive eye-catcher to FECs, but also offers endless possibilities for family fun! With the addition of advanced slalom projections, skiing becomes even more exciting with gamification.

Most importantly, ski simulators have a key advantage over skiing on real snow: they do not support cheating, allowing customers to develop a more refined skiing technique that will benefit them on real mountain slopes. No bumps, no icy surfaces, no wind, no cold – the constant conditions of the SkiMachine create a safe learning environment for both children and adults irrespective of their abilities.

boca ice

Contact SkiMachine

With 100+ endless ski slopes installed worldwide, numerous positive reactions from clients, and over 25 years of experience, SkiMachine has created wealth and know-how in manufacturing the highest quality indoor simulators in the industry. We are happy to provide you with professional input at any time!

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