Hoofddorp combines the Treadmill Ski Machine with an artificial dry ski slope!     

artificial dryslope hoofddorp

A one of a kind combination of a treadmill Ski Machine and an artificial dry ski slope. The idea of combining an artificial dry ski slope with an indoor treadmill Ski Machine is truly unique! Even more special is the fact that the treadmill Ski Machine has been built below the artificial dry ski slope, and the unique combination of these two ski slopes means that the training possibilities are even more exciting! But SkiCentrum Hoofddorp provides yet more for the customer….

Their ski shop specializes in boot fitting, organizes various ski trips throughout the season, hosts amazing birthday parties, offers several clinics, serves great coffee in the bar area, and you have the opportunity of joining a ski team!

The grand opening of the artificial dry ski slope

dryslope Hoofddorp 1978The artificial dry ski slope is famous for being a real eyecatcher and cars regularly stop by the side of the road to gaze at the impressive steel structure. The city of Hoofddorp is located on a completely flat piece of land which is, on average, 2 meters below sea level, so the last thing anyone expects to see is a ski slope rising 60 meters above the skyline and visible for miles! During the opening in 1978 thousands of people gathered around the artificial dry slope to see their childhood heroes back in action. Slalom champion Rosi Mittermaier and freestyle champion Peter Lindecke were flown in from Austria to give a spectacular demonstration. The crowd loved it, and so a tradition was born.

Every five years champions from abroad fly in to compete against local ski teachers. But these are not the only busy times, the slope is continuously crowded with ski enthusiasts who like to train on the artificial dry ski slope in Hoofddorp and, 40 years on from its inception, they still do!

The unique combination with a treadmill Ski Machine

The treadmill Ski Machine was invented back in 1962, while the first artificial dry ski slope opened in 1927. At SkiCentrum Hoofddorp it’s the same story. The Treadmill Ski Machine was added later. After some years of successfully Indoor Ski Machine fun sloperunning the artificial dry ski slope someone suggested that the space underneath the dry slope should be utilized, and so it came about! The combination of indoor and outdoor ski training made this center one of a kind. Besides the indoor ski center, a ski service point and shop were opened as well as a restaurant and bar area where you can hang out after a good session with friends. Meanwhile, the ski trips have been hugely successful from the beginning. Five holidays are organized annually, and this year you can choose between Austria, France or Switzerland, joining other ski fanatics for a fun-filled ski trip!

Ski fun for everyone

Whether you want to organize your birthday party here, enrol on a course, or use the bar area for a private event, SkiCentrum Hoofddorp offers the warmest of welcomes. Ski outside on the artificial dry slope or book a session on the seemingly endless Ski Machine slopes. Alternatively, you could come inside and watch the action from the warmth of the bar or restaurant area, with a refreshing drink in hand!

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