Indoor ski training has proved to be increasingly popular as a means to bring skiing to areas where it would never be naturally possible. With our infinite SkiMachines, we make snow sports accessible year-round for all snow sports enthusiasts, serving those who do not have a mountain range on their doorstep or want to continue progressing ‘out of season’. Whether skiers want to brush up on their skiing technique, maintain health by doing ski-specific fitness exercises or keep learning new skills, it all involves proper indoor ski training under professional guidance. Therefore, we’d like to give you an insight into the different target groups of indoor ski training and why indoor ski training is highly beneficial!


Indoor ski training for kids

From the first turns on skis to skiing a challenging black level slope in the mountains, a kid’s skiing journey begins with indoor ski training. No bumps, no other skiers, no icy surfaces, no wind or cold, and no sudden speed increases, treadmill ski simulators provide the ideal circumstances for beginners to learn a skiing technique the right way. Kids can develop a lifetime love for snow sports and prepare for a family winter sports trip to the white slopes!


The first lessons will be focused on practicing mobility, balance, turning, and stopping skills on a flat and gently sloped terrain. After kids are familiar with these fundamental skills, their journey continues with ski lessons on a portable SkiMachine simulator. As kids are known to be quick learners, they can benefit from having an experienced instructor at a close distance at any time to provide them with accurate feedback and a safe learning environment.

What’s next is to move the skiing lessons from a portable ski slope to a treadmill ski slope. This SkiMachine comes with a mirror frame in front, augmented reality projections, and adjustable speed and height functions. Including a game element with pawns, poles or interactive beamer projections in ski training makes the life of an instructor easier because it helps to create a challenging and entertaining learning path. For beginners to have fun while learning how to ski is a key element to success: intrinsic motivation and excitement will guarantee an efficient learning process.

Another great way to teach children how to ski is to organize kids’ skiing camps with a diverse skill-based program of ski lessons and fun interactive ski games. These skiing camps allow young skiers not only to develop important skiing fundamentals but also to develop social skills by bonding with other kids.

Some kids are exceptionally talented in skiing. There are several opportunities for them to join a young athletes training program, which is specially developed for the more talented skiers, allowing kids to compete in skiing races and bring their skiing technique to the next level.


Indoor ski training for recreational skiers

Snow sport centers are repeatedly visited by various audiences of which the majority exists of recreational skiers. There are plenty of reasons why indoor ski training is becoming more popular. Whether visitors want to learn how to ski, experience an enjoyable family ride, train on ski-specific exercises, prepare for the upcoming winter sports season, do a fun interactive challenge with their friends, or join a ski racing team, a snow sports center with SkiMachine simulators can offer it all!

Skiing is a broad sport that involves a wide variety of techniques and terrains. It’s a never-ending learning process, no matter how much your ability improves. As discovering your own areas for improvement can be a challenging task, there is no substitute for following the ski lessons of a certified ski instructor. The instructor provides a wide training program with different modules that each focus on a specific part of the skiing technique, which can serve as a preparation for skiing on the mountains or allows the more advanced skiers to shape small imperfections, keep learning new skills and optimize their skiing technique in a fun and effective way. Having a professional instructor shape your skiing technique by analyzing your movements is an unmatched benefit of indoor ski training on a skimachine simulator!

Indoor ski training to maintain your health

As people value their health, another benefit of indoor ski training is the ability to focus on physical and mental wellbeing. Skiers can recover safely from an injury and regain confidence before going back to the slopes. Improving your skills will not only make your ski holiday safer, but it also increases the fun!

Looking for a way to work on your physique? Skiing is not only an amazing sport for thrill-seekers but also an aerobic endurance activity that is the perfect way to build up your stamina and simultaneously maintain your physical and mental health! One hour of skiing at a moderate effort can burn up to 400 calories since skiing involves a stable position that requires tension on your core muscles and works effectively on the strength of your abdomen and obliques.

Gather your friends for weekly ski training to stay fit, brush up on your technique to prepare for the upcoming winter season, and drink a well-deserved hot chocolate in the Austrian-styled après-ski bar afterward!


Athletes’ way to success

Have you ever wondered why professional athletes still need coaches? Training on an endless SkiMachine with an inclination system to switch from blue to the equivalent of black in a matter of seconds, advanced beamer projections for interactive slalom training, a mirror frame in the front, and an athlete coach to spot your imperfections is the future of athlete skiing! Furthermore, an advanced 3-camera-system aimed at the skiing track allows athletes to analyze their performance after a training session and will lead to fast improvements. Therefore, our endless slopes are extremely popular for ski teams that train year round! Ski Indoor 4810 in Chamonix is one of the many ski centers that set a great example in terms of athletes’ training:

With the proper indoor ski training, an increase in the number of turns an athlete can make per minute will result in the creation of speed, which is one of the key elements in an alpine skiing race. In addition to technique, alpine ski racing requires many physical capabilities, including strength, stability, aerobic and anaerobic capacity, balance, coordination, and mobility. These can all be developed with ski training under professional guidance. For instance, skiing an endless slope without breaks or sitting in a mountain restaurant results in a higher intensity of training with consistent movements that challenges an athlete to build up stamina!

Regardless of how well-trained an athlete is, the volume of on-snow training will always be limited by fatigue and health-related issues. Whereas, the potential to improve the effectiveness of athlete training in terms of learning and transferring skills to competition is essentially unlimited with the constant circumstances provided during indoor ski training on a SkiMachine simulator.

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