Infinite ski simulators in a FEC in Changchun, China

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Infinite Ski Simulators in a Family Entertaiment Center

On the same latitude line as the world-famous ski resorts in Hokkaido, four never-ending indoor infinite ski simulators can be found in Changchun, the capital of Jilin Province in China. The treadmill ski machines are installed in a family entertaiment center right next to the trampolines and the sport simulators. This entertaiment park in Changchun, China is filled with all kind of family activities including our endless slope ski machines and offers sportaiment activities for the whole family!

ProleSki Simulator ChangchunChanghun, also know als “the Detroit of China” because of its immense automobile industry, is the perfect location. The FEC is perfectly located around the 7 million inhabitants that make up the local area and the facility boasts trampolines, interactive games, sport simulators, climbing wall challenges, and indoor ski lessons on one of the four treadmill ski machines all year round. The 2022 Winter Olympics, commonly known as Beijing 2020, encouraged the popularity of winter sports and helped to attract a new audience inspired by what they had seen on TV.

Major Chinese ski resorts:

Most well known ski resorts:

  • Yabuli Ski Resort – the largest
  • Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort – The largest close to Beijing
  • Huaibei Ski Resort – skiing next to The Great Wall
  • Xiling Ski Resort – the best alpine skiing
  • Alshan Ski Resort – quiet and peaceful

Accompanied by a handful of new resorts:

With even more indoor ski centers!

China currently has the most indoor ski centers in the world followed by The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Recent data released suggests that there is over 15 million skiers nationwide and the popularity of winter sports is increasing rapidly! This makes us convident that the Alpine Treadmill Ski Machines in the Changchun based family entertaiment center will be a succes!

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