If you are a big fan of skiing, eager to learn, and looking for a great experience, SkiMachine is the perfect place to do your internship! We are more than happy to welcome (international) students to our company and provide them with the ultimate learning environment.

To give an insight into the internships we offer, Dani and Jorian will share their experience during their internship at SkiMachine to give you a better understanding of being an intern at our company!


Marketing internship experience at SkiMachine Alpine Engineering

My name is Dani Barkouki and I am currently in my second year of university. For the last half-year, I have chosen to do a sales and marketing internship at SkiMachine. On my first day at the office, I was a bit nervous but yet excited to start my internship at this very interesting and cool business. However, my worries about whether I would like it or if I will make a good first impression were quickly swept aside when I was warmly welcomed by everyone working at SkiMachine.

After showing me the basics and with Hans explaining my tasks very clearly, I got to work straight away. I was intrigued by learning the ins and outs of the Skiing Industry and discovering the process from engineering, manufacturing to installations of these high-quality indoor ski simulators. Seeing it all firsthand really taught me a lot about the B2B industry and the sports sector.

During my internship at SkiMachine, I focused on marketing and sales-related tasks, which included news articles, email marketing, contacting international clients, optimizing the customer journey, creating strategic marketing documents, and more!

During this internship at SkiMachine, I have gained a sense of professionalism and a clearer view on what it’s meant to be like in a (fun) professional work environment.

Dani Barkouki

Intern, SkiMachine

alpine engineering manufacturing office

Engineering internship experience at SkiMachine Alpine Engineering

I’m Jorian Pronk and I am writing my thesis at Alpine Engineering SkiMachine’s. It’s great to be here, compared with an earlier internship I get a lot of freedom to come up with ideas and projects and are not only used to doing the dirty work. This resulted in me designing a climbing machine.

At first, it might sound odd but together with the engineers who normally build ski simulators I came up with the idea to realize the dream of every climbing enthusiast: a climbing simulator. As a climber myself I´m critical not only on the design but also on the functionality which resulted in a long list of ideas and novelties I wanted to implement. Eventually, we brought this done to the basis and started from there as it was important for SkiMachine to create something that was really sellable.

With the help of the team, my internship became a successful one and made me realize even more that this is what I want to do for a living in the future. It’s great to work in an environment where people are open to new ideas and helpful!

Jorian Pronk

Intern, SkiMachine

how can you start a snow sports center
Snowboarders on a Indoor Ski Simulator

Company culture

The working environment of SkiMachine is best described as an empowering and open company culture. We value a positive, flexible and nurturing environment and truly believe a flat hierarchy results in a strong team spirit. SkiMachine and all its employees are open to new creative ideas and foster the input and knowledge of new interns!

The employees of SkiMachine are all motivated and supportive individuals who always try to make the working environment as stable and enjoyable as possible.

Dani Barkouki

Intern, SkiMachine

dry slope Internship at SkiMachine

The SkiMachine team is full of open-minded individuals who love to talk and learn about all the different cultures around the world in order to keep all our international clients satisfied and successful.

Some of our team members that help you out as internship supervisor:

Hans Internship at SkiMachine

Hans Weeren

Lizanne Internship at SkiMachine

Lizanne Visser

Dennis Internship at SkiMachine

Dennis Pierneef

Nick Internship at SkiMachine

Nick Strikker

Rob Internship at SkiMachine

Rob van Schie

Some extra information

SkiMachine is offering two types of internships:

Technical internship
Are you a technical student with an eye for innovation?

SkiMachine is always at the forefront of the indoor ski revolution and sets the standards for the industry. We spend our time wisely and effectively by broadening our product portfolio with a variety of innovations for our simulators. Endless slopes equal endless possibilities, meaning we continuously bring new concepts to life. As a technical intern, your tasks will include: 

  • Brainstorming about new innovations.
  • Designing and construction prototypes.
  • Run tests and validity checks on data, equipment, or software.
  • Clean, move, and maintain equipment and supplies.
  • Assist team with administrative tasks and project documentation.

Marketing and sales internship
Do you have an affinity with marketing and sales? 

Our ski simulators are a fantastic addition to action sports centers and a guaranteed crowd magnet, which is the perfect way to strengthen a customer journey and maximize revenue streams. As a marketing and sales intern, your tasks will include: 

  • Writing news articles.
  • Email marketing.
  • Seeking new leads.
  • Contacting international clients.
  • Optimizing the customer journey.
  • Creating strategic marketing documents.

We offer

  • RA flat hierarchy that nurtures a strong team spirit between equals
  • RA creative and flexible work environment in combination with a challenging work atmosphere
  • RCoaching and support to develop yourself
  • RChallenging assignments
  • RA fun and friendly team!
  • RFun side activities such as skiing lessons!

 What we expect

  • RFluent in a second language (Dutch isn't required)
  • RA highly motivated student who is eager to learn
  • RA hands-on mentality
  • R A self-motivated team player
  • RA flexible and solution-oriented team player
  • RA four or five-month full-time internship

With numerous positive reactions from clients, our ski simulator is proven to be a guaranteed crowd magnet and a solution for worldwide ski centers to differentiate in a consistently growing industry, allowing them to keep ahead of the competition and increase their customer satisfaction in a unique and fun way.

We are also constantly developing, both on a technical level and on the sales and marketing side and as a result, there is always an ongoing project we would like you to help us with.

If you are interested in becoming an intern at SkiMachine,
Apply now!


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