The Largest Indoor Ski Simulator Center in the World!

disc slope artificial skiing

It’s more than just an Indoor Skischool!!

Revolving treadmill ski slopes

SnowSportCenterUtrecht is the largest indoor ski simulator center in the world and wiith that the largest indoor ski school in the world, and is filled with endless artificial dry slopes. They operate 5 big treadmill slopes, a unique Alpine Disc Slope, a portable revolving slope and a fixed beginner’s hill – all covered with Pole-Snow artificial skigrass.

In Utrecht the focus is on snowsports and all levels are welcome, from starters to experienced skiers. With their unique CRM and booking system, called SkiPlanner, it’s easy to keep track of students and walk them through a 23 level personal ski school piste infinity

Monitoring the progress and focusing on small imperfections of experienced skiers gets the max out of ski training, while it’s also a fun way of learning for the young ones. The indoor ski training also focuses on physical and mental aspects, for example when you are recovering from an injury or are anxious to get back on the slopes. Improving your skills will not only make your ski holiday safer it also increases the fun!

Rotating disc slope ski simulator

With the Alpine Disc Slope Ski Simulator , Utrecht has a unique Ski Machine. Developed from a smaller prototype this was the first, and until now, only full-size disc slope ski simulator!

The disc simulates a tilting motion so you are not only facing downhill but genuinely experiencing the sensation of downhill skiing! This ski simulator prepares you for the real work, as it creates forward momentum. It’s never-ending and the speed and steepness are adjustable which makes it a perfect ski trainer for different variations such as tele-mark skiing. It’s even more popular among snowboarders who often start their lessons on this ski simulator.artificial ski slope disc

And don’t forget to turn your Alpine Disc Slope Ski Simulatur once in a while into a fun park by putting some obstacles and ramps on the disc, or let the kids go round and round endlessly in snow tubes!

Because Snow Sport Center Utrecht has been in the market for a long time and accumulated a wealth of experience through the years, they are the perfect location to visit and experience the unique joys of an indoor ski center with artificial snow.

Instructor training for indoor ski schools

indoor ski school instructor training

They also offer the opportunity to train your instructors and certify them with an Austrian recognized instructor diploma so that if you don’t have experience with indoor snow centers yet you can boost your expertise and raise the level of ski lessons in your own ski school.

They have helped many other ski schools to set up their businesses through sharing knowledge and offering training which has resulted in profitable ski centers in The Netherlands, Belgium, USA, China and Bulgaria. As they believe sharing knowledge makes indoor ski centers in general more popular, it’s definitely worth reaching out to Daniel Schinkel, the owner of SSCU, to have a chat!

SnowsportCenter Utrecht is heavily  involved in setting up new indoor skischools and their breadth of knowledge and experience can help support new businesses to become profitable when opening a new skischool.

Read more about the largest indoor ski simulator center in the world on the website or visit their Instagram to get a better impression of how they use our endless slopes.

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