Located in the province of Brabant, Berkel-Enschot proudly hosts Skish, an indoor ski center that brings the joy of skiing to the Netherlands, despite its lack of mountains. Whether you’re eager to learn skiing or snowboarding or feeling a bit unsure about the slopes, Skish is the ideal place to indulge in your favorite snow sports throughout the entire year!

The ski center

A fantastic spot for the entire family to enjoy sports year-round, regardless of your skill level! Whether you’re learning, improving your skiing or snowboarding, or challenging friends to a game of squash, Skish has it all. The whole facility is designed to immerse you in the atmosphere of Austrian winter sports from the moment you step inside. Owner Jeroen started 18 years ago as a part-time ski instructor and, over time, became the head ski instructor. As he started training teachers for the Snowsports Academy, his passion for skiing turned into a serious commitment. Taking over Skish on January 1, 2018, he transformed his hobby into his profession. Now, alongside general manager Barbara and a skilled team of professionals, he leads the ski center, sharing enthusiasm for skiing with visitors! Lessons are inspired by the Austrian mountains, with instructors holding Austrian diplomas and a strong focus on safety. One of the benefits of training at Skish is that visitors have the same teacher from start to finish, building trust and helping you to progress faster. Beyond their regular courses, the ski center offers group training, private lessons, and lessons tailored for those with physical or mental disabilities.

More than just a ski center

After an hour of skiing, it’s time to relax! At the après-Skish café, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or a cool draft beer. As the day winds down, the “Stube” comes alive with friendly conversations among skiers, snowboarders, and squash players – a great way to end your day with some social time! Skish doesn’t just stop at skiing; they host parties, events, and celebrations for kids. Also, twice a year, Skish organizes winter sports trips for its customers. The instructors join these trips to make sure you have familiar faces to guide you through the mountains. Moreover, you get the chance to join a trip to an indoor snow hall. This is a special opportunity to practice your skills in real snow, giving you a different experience from the usual conveyor belt setting.

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How to prepare for a ski holiday

Getting ready for a winter sports trip is more important than ever with the rising costs of accommodation, ski passes, and fuel. When preparing for these trips, the best way to learn is on a conveyor belt. Why? Because indoor skiing eliminates the need to wait for ski lifts, making it the quickest way to learn. Just spending 30 minutes on a SkiMachine is as good as a whole day on the mountain. This helps you improve your skiing and snowboarding skills faster, in less time, and in a safer place compared to the mountains. Worried about slowing down your friends on the slopes or being alone in a ski lesson while they have fun? Skish is the perfect place for pre-holiday practice. They make sure you are well-prepared and confident for the slopes, ensuring a more enjoyable experience during your skiing holidays.
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We see it as a privilege and a responsibility to prepare our visitors for a safe and enjoyable skiing holiday, taking their mental and physical challenges into account.

Jeroen C.M. Schaapsmeerders

Owner, Skish

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