Earlier this year, our team of engineers traveled to the United States to set up three state-of-the-art SkiMachines at a new indoor ski and snowboard facility in Loveland, Colorado. Whether you’re new to snow sports or have prior experience, Infinity Slopes warmly welcomes you to explore the joys of indoor skiing and snowboarding at their brand new facility!

How Infinity Slopes started

Around two years ago, Travis Corder, his wife Amy Corder, and their children moved from Kentucky to Colorado. Since there was nowhere to ski in Kentucky, they had no experience with snow sports. Eager to learn, the family decided to head up to the mountains to learn skiing, but a problem came up. Their daughter got sick just hours before the scheduled training lesson, forcing them to cancel. This incident made Travis realize just how expensive it was to learn skiing and snowboarding and decided it was necessary to first learn the basics of skiing before hitting the actual slopes. Travis then visited indoor ski and snowboard facility SNÖBAHN to learn how to ski. When he later went to the slopes, his instructor noticed that he could already take on runs more difficult than the level of the training course. This experience made Travis more interested in the world of indoor ski and snowboard facilities. He learned that while indoor skiing is popular in Europe, it is not as well known in the United States. This discovery has inspired the Corders family to shape their concept and with the support of SkiMachine, they turned their idea of creating an indoor ski and snowboard facility into reality.

Why choose to learn skiing at Infinity Slopes

There are several reasons why learning to ski at Infinity Slopes is a great choice. One of the differences noted between indoor skiing and traditional skiing is that indoor skiing requires a great deal of core strength and balance. “30 minutes on one of these machines is equivalent to a whole day on the mountain.” – Travis Corder. This means you can efficiently work on your skiing and snowboarding skills without spending as much time, making it a smart way to learn! Moreover, indoor skiing provides a safer environment than the mountains do. For instance, our Treadmill SkiMachine offers a controlled learning environment, enabling instructors to manage speed, inclination, and stop the belt from rotating with a simple push of a button on the remote control. This means skiers don’t have to worry about unexpected situations. Also, unlike on real slopes, there are no skiers or snowboarders coming from behind you, so you can focus more on your own progress. Finally, indoor ski training opens up the world of skiing and snowboarding to more people who don’t want to pay as much money to travel up to the mountains for their first experience down the slopes. So, even though Loveland is surrounded by ski resorts like Eldora Mountain and Keystone Resort, Infinity Slopes offers a safer, more time-efficient, and more affordable way to learn snow sports, allowing you to have more fun in the mountains once you’re there.


All year access to the slopes

Whether you’re an experienced skier or taking your first steps on the slopes, being consistent is incredibly important. What sets Infinity Slopes apart from other local ski resorts is its year-round availability. Even during the off-season, you can access the slopes. This flexibility allows you to practice at any time, regardless of the weather outside. Plus, it ensures you can enhance your skills year-round, in any season, helping you maintain peak performance.

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Indoor skiing on the rise in the USA

With approximately 25 million skiers and 470 ski areas, the United States ranks among the world’s largest skiing markets. While indoor skiing has gained popularity in Europe, it’s just starting to take off in the USA. Surprisingly, despite skiing’s popularity in the USA, there are merely 10 indoor Treadmill ski centers and only one Indoor Snow Dome across the US. In contrast, the Netherlands, with 2 million skiers and an 11% participation rate, boasts over 50 indoor ski centers. Given the number of skiers in the USA, there’s potential space for up to 500 indoor ski centers.

The momentum is building, and more indoor ski centers are emerging, with Infinity Slopes leading the way as an early adopter of this concept. Infinity Slopes is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting the idea of indoor skiing and snowboarding in Colorado. As interest grows and more individuals sign up, they are gearing up for an exciting and bustling season!

“This is for everyone” – Amy Corder

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