Make an endless descent on our fully redesigned portable SkiMachine! This portable ski slope is perfect for private training centers or events, shows and trade fairs as the required space is limited! The compact-sized ski simulator is set up in just over an hour and can also be used in indoor ski centers for Nordic skiing lessons and kids training, or in a ski shop for customers to test their new skiing gear. The possibilities are endless, just like this portable ski slope!

Your private training center

This foldable ski treadmill is easy to set up in any desired location in just over an hour! The portable ski slope is covered with specialized Pole-Snow® artificial ski grass, a high-quality equivalent of snow made from low-friction fibers. Endless testing on our revolving dry slope has allowed us to provide skiers and snowboarders with a feeling similar to real snow!

SkiMachine is always at the forefront of the skiing revolution and therefore, we are continuously working on innovations and improvements to make our SkiMachines even better in terms of durability and usability. The new portable ski machine model is designed to move around and built on swivel wheels accordingly. It can be easily placed on a car trailer and transported to another location. When the ski slope is set up the inclination of the slope can be adjusted, as well as the speed to make this endless ski treadmill suitable for skiers of all ages and abilities.

Practice your ski technique anywhere!

The new portable ski machine is a fantastic addition to existing and new indoor ski centers as an extension of the revolving treadmill SkiMachine. When ski lesson schedules are tight, ski centers can increase their capacity by setting up the portable slope inside or even outside when the weather is right!

The portable simulator is not only perfect for kids and beginners, but also for professional athletes who strive to stay in shape and brush up on their technique by training year-round. Our portable slope is a guaranteed solution for many occasions. Ski shop owners use the portable SkiMachine for boot-fitting and testing gear while it is also a trendy eye-catcher and crowd magnet on events and shows!

The portable ski machine is multifunctional

The portable ski slope is made for multiple sports activities. Cycling and cross country skiing can be done as the reverse mode of the slope makes you go uphill! When used for cycling we replace the artificial ski carpet with a smooth surface to provide endless cycling sessions. In for a session with your friends? The sports surface of the simulator is 4 meters wide and 3.3 meters long, offering plenty of space for multiple athletes who are in for a challenge!

skier on new portable skimachine

What is new?

  • Easier to transport thanks to a lower center of gravity
  • A 10% speed increase
  • The ski surface is 10% larger
  • gInclination can be adjusted between 3-17 degrees
  • The hydraulic system makes folding and unfolding easy
  • Possibility to change the ski grass conveyer belt to a cycle conveyer belt
  • +A reverse mode for cross country and nordic skiing is standard
  • Side fencing and other small visual points are upgraded.

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