Sail- and surf center Brouwersdam is a thriving location in Ouddorp in the Netherlands, where water sports enthusiasts feel at home. This giant center provides visitors with water sports activities, dressing rooms, a restaurant & bar, lodging and a brand new ski shop with high quality snow gear. Our team installed a brand new Portable SkiMachine model with new features at Brouwersdam, extending their list of sports activities with year-round skiing and snowboarding. From now on, Brouwersdam is the first place in the Netherlands where you can surf, sail and ski in one location!


The origin of Brouwersdam

Uwe Jendrusch and Pieternel van der Linde established a mobile surf school in the late ’80s, marking the start of a promising watersports company. In the years that followed, the center developed from a surf school into a water sports entertainment center after taking over a sailing school and installing a giant 8 meters high water jump for the real adventure-seekers. In addition to the physical changes of the center, the organization of several water sports events has contributed to the rise of Brouwersdam. The Rookie Cup, the Dutch National Championships Freestyle Windsurfing, and the World Championships Freestyle Youth are major events that were hosted by Brouwersdam, attracting visitors from all over the world. With 250 participants and 5000 visitors per year, the legendary windsurf event ‘’the Mission’’ was also part of Brouwersdam’s organizational pursuits.

Although our center has evolved substantially in the last decade, we thank our passionate team for providing our visitors with a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Sportainment at Brouwersdam

If you’re looking for a unique experience, Brouwersdam is the place to be. Their Active Lakeside is a Mecca for water sports enthusiasts longing for water sport activities. Surfing, paddleboarding, water jumping, foil boarding, and sailing are all focused on the values of fun, action, and leisure. Next to offering a variety of sport-related activities, Brouwersdam provides visitors with dining in the restaurant and lodging in beautiful accommodations at the lakeside. When planning a short trip with friends, Brouwersdam is definitely worth your while. Test your action sports abilities in the water or on artificial snow during the day, enjoy a well-deserved beverage in the bar, and challenge your friends in a game of Eisstockschiessen!


Skiing on our new Portable SkiMachine

With the installation of our brand new Portable SkiMachine model, Brouwersdam extended its list of sports activities with year-round skiing and snowboarding. We are thrilled to say Brouwersdam is now a sail-, surf- and ski center! Our foldable ski treadmill is easy to set up in any desired location in just over an hour and is covered with specialized Pro-Snow® artificial ski grass to recreate a feeling similar to real snow. Visitors can maximize the fun of yearly winter sports trips by preparing their skiing technique effectively in ‘’winter-ready’’ boot camps or ‘’anxiety reduction’’ training. In need of new winter sports gear? Brouwersdam recently opened a brand new ski shop with high quality products and boot-fitting for visitors!

The Portable SkiMachine is a fantastic addition to our center and allows us to offer our visitors a unique experience that many have been looking for!



The new portable SkiMachine model

From boot-fitting and testing gear to attracting visitors with a crowd magnet on events and shows, our portable is a guaranteed solution for many occasions. What’s new in the portable SkiMachine model:

  • 10% speed increase
  • The ski surface is 10% larger
  • Possibility to change to a cycle conveyor belt
  • Inclination can be adjusted between 3-17 degrees
  • Easier to transport due to a lower center of gravity
  • The hydraulic system makes folding and unfolding easy
  • Side fencing and other small visual points are upgraded
  • A reverse mode for cross country and nordic skiing is standard

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