Leading tech company Huawei just opened a new HUAWEI Health Lab in Helsinki, Finland. This state-of-the-art facility is meant to redefine the landscape of health and fitness research, equipped with advanced testing equipment and dedicated to propelling Huawei’s innovations in the health and fitness sector. With the installation of a new SkiMachine, this R&D center stands as the first facility in Finland to feature one of our Treadmill SkiMachines!

Sports Science and Health Research Center

To better align with the growing needs of consumers worldwide in the area of health and fitness, Huawei is conducting more in-depth research on health monitoring algorithms through its wearable technologies. This commitment has led to the establishment of three Health Labs since 2016: Xi’an and Songshan Lakes in China, and Helsinki in Finland. Their scientific research team consists of 6 PhDs and 20 experts from the fields of physiology, software testing and engineering, AI, and machine learning, ensuring that all aspects of sports and health research meet the international standards. Huawei’s laboratory mimics realistic sports scenarios in five different testing areas, covering more than 20 sports and monitoring over 200 physiological and biomechanical indicators. These areas include a counter-current pool, a multi-functional treadmill, an instrumented treadmill, an open gym area with various cardiovascular workouts, and one of our Treadmill SkiMachines.

Huawei health center

Specially-designed Treadmill SkiMachine

Recognizing the widespread interest in skiing across Europe, Huawei has introduced a highly advanced Treadmill SkiMachine in their new research lab. Our specially-designed ski simulator comes with adjustable speed, incline, and interactive routes and poles. The sensors on the SkiMachine will allow Huawei’s research team to accurately capture an athlete’s speed, position, carving angles, forces and performance data. The ski simulator will be used in conjunction with Huawei’s latest wearable devices, like the Huawei Watch GT 4. This smartwatch helps in a more practical assessment of sports performance and encourages safer exercise habits. It also gives insights into energy expenditure and heart health during workouts and ensures accurate information on caloric expenditure and intake requirements. Through collaboration with Huawei, our SkiMachine can make an important contribution to the progression of knowledge in health and fitness research, which is something that we are very proud of!

European Health Institutions and Research Groups

Huawei is actively working with local Finnish institutions and European experts to enhance consumers’ lives through innovative sports and health technologies. Huawei’s smart wearables will screen features like physical activity, sleep quality, and cardiac function 24/7, potentially transforming cardiovascular disease management.Huawei is collaborating with six top European universities, aiming to enhance the performance of their wearable devices. The partnership strengthens the reliability of Huawei’s wearable technology based on standards for heart rate, step counts, caloric expenditure, and VO2 Max. Huawei also plans to collaborate with European universities and disability health centers, focusing on the needs of users with disabilities. This shows Huawei’s commitment to being inclusive and improving health monitoring technology to promote more active lifestyles for people with disabilities. We’re happy to play a part in such an important cause!

Huawei health center in Finland

From design to on-site installation

Based on Huawei’s request, we started the design process and engineered a specially developed SkiMachine for them. As the truck arrived, our engineers were on-site at the advanced Huawei Health Lab. Despite facing a few challenges, our engineers accepted the challenge and found a solution together with the Huawei team to successfully install the SkiMachine as a centerpiece in the new facility. After a thorough operator training, we did a test run and were glad to see a smile on the faces of the first skiers!


We decided to work with SkiMachine because of their great reputation. The process of doing business with them has been smooth, and we’re really happy with our choice. Their customer service even after the production and installation phases has been outstanding, and we truly appreciate that!

Petri Wiklund


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