On June 11th we organized a SkiMachine photoshoot in the beautiful ski center of a7-indoorski in Zuidbroek, the Netherlands in collaboration with our highly-motivated photographer Diederik from Winchester Creatives to shoot a series of high-quality and valuable action photos!


The mountains of Zuidbroek

If you’ve ever found yourself looking to the Dutch horizon wondering how the Netherlands is so flat, you’re not alone. In fact, 17% of the country used to be underwater which has led to the Dutch being renowned for their engineering skills!

In Zuidbroek, a small town in the North of the Netherlands near the city Groningen, there is a great example of Dutch engineering skills where the absence of mountains is solved with a beautiful indoor ski center A7-indoorski with the highest-quality ski simulators in the market to fulfill the dream of every winter sports enthusiast!

It’s ironic to see that in the flattest country on earth, snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding are so popular!

Edwin Gerbers

Owner, A7-indoorski

remote skimachine photoshoot
a7-indoorski skimachine photoshoot
skiing skimachine photoshoot

Snowsport action center A7-indoorski

If you’re a big fan of skiing, in for great coffee, and willing to taste the warm wintersport ambiance of typical Austrian après-ski bars, A7-indoorski is the perfect place to pay a visit! The beautiful indoor ski center owns a SkiMachine with a rotating ski surface of 7 by 11 meter which is the biggest in the Netherlands so you can make those carving turns together with your friends!

Whether you’re looking for an enjoyable family experience with fun interactive augmented reality games or ski training with an experienced ski instructor to optimize your skiing technique using the beamer projection, A7-indoorski offers it all.

Completed your ski lesson? Don’t worry!

Edwin, known as the après-ski instructor who loves to drive through the mountains in Europe with his Land Rover and likes to tell you about his adventures, runs a beautiful and cozy bar with a view on the ski simulators where you can have a well-deserved hot chocolate, glühwein schnapps ein or a weissbeer with your friends or family!

What’s also great about this location is having professional photographer Diederik from Winchester Creatives at hand. We originally planned to shoot a series of technical photos for our product manuals, but we don’t take opportunities for granted and so a stunning series of action photos was created!

Being a ski instructor at A7-indoorski is the ideal job because of my passion for skiing, and the ability to promote the sport year-round while I’m working towards my goal to earn a Landes certificate!

Danea Amakéto

Ski instructor, A7-indoorski

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slalom skimachine photoshoot
snowboarding skimachine photoshoot

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