Roundhill indoor ski opens in Dordrecht, NL

dryslope artifical ski surface indoor slope

Now: endless ski slopes at Roundhill Ski Area

Roundhill Ski Area is located in the heart of the South Island of New Zealand with breath-taking views of Aoriki Mt Cook, the Southern Alps, and Lake Tekapo.

RoundHill Indoor Ski & Snowboard is located in Dordrecht and has a constantly changing but never dull view of the A16 highway which makes the location easily accessible to neighbouring towns.

endless idoor ski slope

Although, the biggest difference is not the view, neither the travel time. It’s the length of the ski slopes. Roundhill New Zealand has 10km of pristine terrain and Dordrecht has two never-ending artificial treadmill slopes with adjustable angles and speeds, giving you the chance to experience an intense black slope or a relaxed green level skiing session.



Our Alpine Treadmill Ski Machine is similar to a normal treadmill but way bigger. The conveyer belt on the treadmill is covered with an artificial, especially designed, ski carpet called Pole-Snow®.The Ski Machine has an effective ski surface of 7 meters wide and 11 meters long. It’s the largest ski simulator available and only built and installed by Alpine Engineering. The width of the simulator enables you to do extreme carving or learn telemark skiing while the length creates space on the ski carpet for new training methods. The size of this revolving ski machine offers a luxurious and safe feeling which makes indoor skiing even more comfortable.

Besides taking lessons from certified instructors you can rent Salomon equipment for your winter holiday. Whether you are going on a family holiday and need some skies for the kids or you want to go for the pro-level gear, it’s all possible.

It’s even more fun to book your ski holiday through Roundhill and enjoy the SnowTime crew experience and ‘The Dutch Week in Val Thorens’, France.

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