Ski Machine demo center Alpine Sports – 25 years!

A new installed Ski Machine simulator

We are proud to present Alpine Sports as our Ski Machine demo center!

Twenty-five years ago, the Ski Machine was born here, and today, our new factory which has been open since January 1st, 2020, is around the corner from this indoor ski center. The collaboration between Alpine Sports and Alpine Engineering Ski Machine has produced numerous innovations, along with the chance to offer our guests a test session when they visit the factory.

25 years of Ski Machine history at Alpine Sports

Ron, a ski enthusiast and instructor, and also the owner of Alpine Sports has seen it all. Twenty-five years of Alpine Sports marks a milestone in his career, but thanks to Covid-19 the celebrations are unfortunately postponed. However, the myriad stories live on! We recommend booking a ski lesson and then staying afterwards for a drink in the alpine-themed bar to hear them all first-hand, either from Ron himself, or from one of the 150 ski fanatics who come in on a weekly basis to improve, get some exercise, or just have fun. Absorbing stories from the past will make you smile, while hearing about projected plans for the future will definitely get you excited!

Besides the season card holders who walk-in throughout the week, the kid’s teams ensure that the center is filled with people on a Friday night. This is when kids under 18 train and compete, while on Wednesdays and Saturdays it´s filled with the younger ones organizing their snowsports-themed birthday parties on the Ski Machine´s.

Besides a session on the treadmill Ski Machine´s or fixed slope they go tubing on the disc slope ski simulator, learn their first freestyle moves on the trampolines or play Tiroler games. An afternoon filled with fun, joy and excitement is absolutely guaranteed. Skiing needs to be fun!Alpine Sports apres ski stube

While the kids learn and play, the parents get in shape and perfect their technique in preparation for their ski holiday, and that family ski holiday can be booked at Alpine Sports. Most of the skiers who join have had lessons on the Ski Machine and are ready to enjoy the snow in the Alps. This year’s destination is Pampeogo, a small but beautiful area in Italy.

Renovations at Alpine Sports indoor ski center

This summer Alpine Sports has undergone some renovations. You can still find a 25-year-old Ski Machine here which is running perfectly, but we have also installed two brand new treadmill ski simulators. These new ski simulators have all the options, a superfast height inclination which brings the slope from green to black in seconds, an electronic adjustable exercise beam which can be raised to 200 cm so that you don´t have to crawl underneath and which can be lowered  to 80 cm for the kids – all of which operate automatically. Hardened safety glass on the sides creates a luxurious and transparent look in combination with our standard included touch screen panel, safety systems and sensors.

But, even more has been achieved! Besides the ski machines, the staff of Alpine Sports indoor ski center have also changed the carpet, treated the wood and carried out further maintenance on other parts of the building. The website is totally up to date with new pictures of the Ski Machine´s, restaurant and fun zone that have been added and you can take a complete 360-degree tour through the building. As you walk virtually through Alpine Sports, check out the ski machines, the unique disc slope simulator, trampolines, fun zones and bar area. Or even better, just grab the phone and book your next lesson at Alpine Sports. You won’t regret it!

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