Last October, our skilled engineers went on an exciting adventure to bring the excitement of indoor ski training to BCIS, an international school in Phuket, Thailand. They installed two ARS60110 Treadmill SkiMachines, giving BCIS students access to a wide range of professional tools to fuel their passion for sports. Alongside other fun activities, students can now enjoy the thrilling experience of indoor skiing and snowboarding.


Berda Claude International School Phuket


BCIS International School Phuket is the island’s first British and French International School that offers innovative education to students aged 18 months to 18 years. Established in 2017, BCIS Phuket is located in Chalong and is led by owners and founders Laurent and Nittaya Minguely, along with a team of dedicated staff members and supportive parents. Together, they foster a high-achieving multicultural learning community, where every student receives individual care and attention.

BCIS has recently partnered with Paris Saint-Germain Academy to provide children around Phuket with the opportunity to enjoy and excel in football. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art facility offers a diverse range of sports activities, including academies for gymnastics, athletics, swimming, and skiing. These avenues allow students to explore and enhance their skills in various sports. BCIS also extends beyond the regular curriculum, providing a variety of summer camps and after-school activities such as language courses, music instrument lessons, painting classes, and meditation.

BCIS Phuket
bcis international school phuket
international school BCIS

Two brand new SkiMachines at Ski’N’Finite

Experience the thrills of exhilarating ski conditions at Ski’N’Finite – Phuket’s first and only indoor skiing and snowboarding facility that caters to both beginners and experienced skiers. The ARS60110 Treadmill SkiMachines are equipped with the highest quality ProSnow® surfaces, ensuring a smooth and realistic skiing experience. With adjustable speed and steepness settings, you can tailor the slopes to your skill level and preferences. Say goodbye to chairlifts, unpredictable weather, and never-ending queues – at Ski’N’Finite, it’s all about pure skiing fun!

To ensure the safety of students and provide an exceptional experience, our SkiMachines are equipped with cutting-edge safety controls. This enables experienced ski instructors to guide and assist riders throughout their sessions, giving peace of mind and expert guidance as students take to the slopes.

Ski instructor training

Once you have your SkiMachine installed, you’re all set to begin. However, the success of our technology relies on certified ski instructors and a well-designed lesson program that keeps customers coming back for more. Ski instructors offer a range of benefits, including the ability to analyze a skier’s technique from various angles, providing students with accurate feedback.

At SkiMachine, we understand the importance of a well-trained ski instructor team and that’s why we offer ski instructor training programs that empower you to design your own ski program. Our certification is recognized by the Austrian ski federation, ensuring credibility and expertise. Moreover, we gladly go the extra mile by providing you with customized training to help launch your business and maximize profitability.

indoor ski lessons

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With 100+ endless ski slopes installed worldwide, numerous positive reactions from clients, and over 25 years of experience, SkiMachine has created wealth and know-how in manufacturing the highest quality indoor simulators in the industry. We are happy to provide you with professional input at any time!

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