2021 has been another turbulent year for the action sport and leisure industry. From the restrictions and setbacks from Covid-19 to the reopening of indoor ski centers worldwide, the past year was filled with ups and downs. At SkiMachine we didn’t have our best year, but we remained positive and used our time wisely to enhance our products and ensure the skiing experience will continue to expand as technology advances. With 2022 closing in, we’d like to present to you our recap of 2021. Worldwide ski simulator installations, new Pole-Snow artificial ski grass, and a redesigned Portable SkiMachine: here is a dive into our highlights of 2021.


First ski simulator installation in Oklahoma at Riversport OKC

Non-profit organization Riversport OKC is working hard towards its goal to ‘’share the outdoors’’ in life-changing ways. Their Boathouse District has become a community gathering place for families enjoying a weekend adventure, canoe/kayak and rowing enthusiasts, US Olympic athletes in training, corporate sponsors, and world-class racing events that attract athletes and spectators from around the world. From this year, Riversport is home to a new SkiMachine ski simulator! The quick inclination system allows the slope level to switch from blue to the equivalent of black in a matter of seconds and the interactive slalom projections create the ultimate learning environment for skiers and snowboarders. Riversport OKC is now the first place in the world where you can ski, surf, and whitewater raft year-round, all in one location!

New ski simulator at Hullo center in Poland

Hullo Center in Poland was created in response to the needs of the society, both inhabitants of the surrounding area as well as tourists from over the world. Education, rehabilitation, personal development, and supporting deprived people are part of Hullo’s pursuits. The center is a friendly space for families, groups of friends, and individuals where you can learn, rehabilitate, and have fun with various activities! In addition to fitness, squash, futsal, handball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and badminton, Hullo is providing visitors with the opportunity to learn skiing or snowboarding on our new SkiMachine simulator!


A redesigned portable slope at Brouwersdam

Easier in transport, 10% speed increase, 10% larger ski surface, a reverse mode for cross country skiing, and more: Our portable SkiMachine is redesigned and fully upgraded. We are happy to share the news that the new model is operational in Ouddorp in the Netherlands! Sail- and surf center Brouwersdam is a thriving location where water sports enthusiasts feel at home. This giant center provides visitors with water sports activities, dressing rooms, a restaurant & bar, and lodging. With the installation of our brand new portable ski simulator model, their list of sports activities is extended with year-round skiing and snowboarding. Brouwersdam is the first place in the Netherlands where you can surf, sail and ski in one location and is definitely worth your visit!


Indoor Ski 4810 opens a new center in Nîme

Indoor Ski Center 4810 in Chamonix brings recreational- and athlete skiing to the next level. The center’s name is inspired by 4810 meters of rock, snow, and ice in the Chamonix Valley. We are happy to say Indoor Ski 4810 has recently opened a new ski center in Nîme with our treadmill ski simulators. With 3 cameras pointed on the track skiers can analyze their performance, making this particular ski slope extremely popular by ski teams for year-round training!

New Pole-Snow Artificial Ski Grass

From this year, our SkiMachines feature new artificial ski grass. Our upgraded Pole-Snow includes a synthetic artificial ski grass material that offers a similar feeling to snow when used on an infinite dry slope. The low-friction fibers are woven into a stable base section, resulting in synthetic ski grass that covers your dry slope and simulates the effect of real snow. What’s essential for your ski simulator is a good quality top layer. The Pole-Snow® ski carpet features a high-fiber density and offers gliding and grip like real snow does. After the lockdown was lifted earlier this year, SkiMachine fulfilled an artificial ski grass replacement tour at various ski centers in the US!


Beamer projections as the new standard

With the feedback and input from our customers and industry peers, we are always working towards the highest level and will assure you of the best and latest equipment. SkiMachine treadmills equipped with advanced beamer projections for interactive slalom training are the future of skiing. Ski centers around the world find beamer projections to be the ideal innovation for teaching skiers and snowboarders in a fun and challenging way. By implementing treadmill simulators in ski centers with beamer projections, the lives of ski instructors are made easy as they can create multi-level ski programs for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities.

25 years of Alpine sports

Our well-trusted demo center Alpine Sports’ 25 years of existence is worth celebrating! 25 years ago, our beloved SkiMachine was born here, and today, our new factory is around the corner from Alpine’s indoor ski center. The collaboration with Alpine Sports allows us to offer our guests a test session on our SkiMachines! To celebrate the acquaintance, two brand new treadmill ski simulators are installed at Alpine Sports. These new ski simulators have all the options: a superfast height inclination system, an electronically adjustable exercise beam, and hardened safety glass on the sides with a luxurious and transparent look. Discover more about the center and walk virtually through Alpine Sports!


We look ahead

With numerous positive reactions from clients, our ski simulators are proven to be a guaranteed crowd magnet and a solution for worldwide ski centers to differentiate in a consistently growing industry, allowing them to keep ahead of the competition and increase their customer satisfaction in a unique and fun way. 

Skimachine is here to help by installing worldwide

Although the Covid-19 pandemic is still in our minds, we have confidence that better days will come in 2022. Snowsports entrepreneurs are buzzing at the prospect of what for many will be an “essential” continuing of business operations when restrictions ease and ski centers are given the green light to reopen their doors. At SkiMachine, we are determined to help our customers and make this transition period a more smooth process for the companies affected. Contact us to see how we can help you!

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