Our SkiMachine is an all-around solution for anyone looking for a fun, interactive, and effective approach to skiing and snowboarding. However, there is more to offer than just skiing and snowboarding. From cycling and tube sliding to telemark skiing and freestyle snowboarding: here is what our different SkiMachine models can offer to customers worldwide!

Tour skiing on a treadmill

Tour skiing can be described as a mix of cross-country skiing and alpine skiing. Unlike traditional skiing, ski touring involves the use of specialized equipment that allows for “skinning” – a technique of gliding uphill on skis. This method eliminates the need for lifts to ascend mountains, providing skiers with the freedom to explore vast terrains beyond the confines of established pistes. Thanks to its unique reverse mode for uphill training, a treadmill is a great solution for tour skiing! You can strengthen your legs and build up cardiovascular fitness before hitting the real mountains in the winter. Plus, for those seeking a more challenging workout, skiers can use oxygen masks that simulate low oxygen levels just like in the mountains, forcing the heart and lungs to work slightly harder while boosting endurance and recovery.

tour skiing

The Walking Room concept

Treadmills are not only ideal for recreational skiing and snowboarding, but they can also be a valuable asset for maintaining your physical health. In fact, you may soon find yourself walking on one of our treadmills during work hours! Set the slope to zero, replace the snow surface with a walking surface, and keep everyone awake during meetings. Research shows that sitting down for a prolonged period has detrimental effects on your health and well-being and to counter that, the Walking Room team came up with the perfect innovation: The Walking Room concept – a room for up to 12 people to meet and collaborate while walking. A treadmill in the center facilitates movement for all participants, while a desk allows for easy presentation or work sharing. The space is designed for interactive and creative sessions that will keep employees healthy, energized, and focused! Furthermore, the Walking Room can serve as an attractive eye-catcher for modern offices. In February this year, the walking room did its first test run ever… and it’s the first of its kind in the WORLD!

Read more about the Walking Room in the news article of real estate developer Edge.


Walking room

Film studios and treadmills

Apart from their physical fitness advantages, treadmills also have potential applications in other fields, such as the entertainment industry. A 4×6 treadmill proved to be an excellent tool for the filming of a motor scene in the popular movie “Jurassic World: Dominion!” With a treadmill, actors can concentrate on their acting skills without the added pressure of driving a vehicle. Additionally, the waterproof and anti-slip conveyor belt of the treadmill makes it suitable for simulating rain in movie scenes, ensuring the safety of the actors.

The endless possibilities of the Portable SkiMachine

The Portable SkiMachine offers a versatile sports surface that measures 400 cm in width and 330 cm in depth. Next to having a portable setup in ski shops for demos or boot-fitting, the Portable Skimachine can be used for cross-country skiing! The unique reverse mode enables two cross-country skiers to practice going uphill simultaneously. Plus, by replacing the artificial ski carpet, the SkiMachine facilitates indoor cycling training on a smooth surface that simulates the road and track environments. Tired of cycling in the rain? Try our Portable Slope instead!


Interactive skiing on the Treadmill SkiMachine

With a ski surface of up to 7 meters wide and 12 meters long, the Treadmill SkiMachine is the ultimate training tool for skiers and snowboarders. However, there is much more to our Treadmill SkiMachine than just the obvious: introducing the future of skiing with innovative beamer projections. These digital innovations make skiing and snowboarding not only interactive but also much more fun! There’s no need for skiing with slalom sticks and balls any longer – kids can ski around trees and snowmen, while adults can navigate through multiple levels of a giant slalom image. Moreover, the advanced projector allows you to display logos and access different training modules to create an endless learning path. With the added hit-button counter, the slalom projections are simply great for gamifying ski lessons and keeping both kids and adults coming back for more.

interactive skiing
Interactive ski simulator to practice skiing

Sports disciplines on the Disc Slope Ski Simulator

The forward motion of our massive, disc-shaped simulator replicates the sensation of an endless mountain, making it an ideal training tool for aspiring skiers and snowboarders. When you’ve mastered the basics of skiing and snowboarding, you might want to further develop your skills and get creative with freestyle skiing and snowboarding. We have the perfect solution for you! Our Disc Slope Ski Simulator can be used to create a fun park, allowing visitors to practice rail tricks and small jumps on skis or on a snowboard! Alternatively, the Disc Slope Ski Simulator can be used for telemark skiing, mountain biking, and as a tobogganing attraction to keep kids entertained for ages. It’s all about having fun, which is not a problem at all for our SkiMachines!

disc slope simulator

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