2023 has been a great year for SkiMachine and as we approach 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on some standout experiences and achievements from the past year – from SkiMachine installations to the opening of indoor skiing centers worldwide. Here’s a look back at our highlights from 2023!

A journey out West

This year started with our engineers heading west to install three Treadmill SkiMachines at Infinity Slopes in Loveland, Colorado. After seeing the growing popularity of indoor skiing in the United States, the Corders family decided to start an indoor ski center called Infinity Slopes. Despite Loveland being surrounded by ski resorts like Eldora Mountain and Keystone Resort, Infinity Slopes offers a safer, more time-efficient, and more affordable way to learn snow sports, allowing you to have more fun in the mountains once you’re there. 

Later, our team went to Quebec, Canada, to install two Treadmill SkiMachines at Préski. Even though regulations for installing machinery in Canada is tough, our SkiMachines passed all inspections. These Treadmills include extra exercise bars and advanced slalom projections, making alpine skiing possible all year round at Préski. Instructors there let students try fun challenges, like skiing with a ball on a racket, catching balls, avoiding trees, crushing snowmen, or keeping a ring balanced on the head— creating an endless learning path. While working hard on the installation, our team got invited to enjoy watching an ice hockey match, a must-do experience in Canada! One of our engineers, Alex, a good skier, was invited for a day of skiing at Le Massif de Charlevoix resort, going from indoor skiing at Préski to a day on the real slopes while discussing the best way to bring outdoors indoors.

Infinity slopes
skiing near denver
canada skiing

Indoor skiing at Huawei Health Lab

In April, we had a special opportunity to work on a project with Huawei in Helsinki, Finland. Their new Health Lab recreates real-life sports scenarios in five different areas, covering more than 20 sports and tracking over 200 physiological and biomechanical indicators. The goal is to better meet the needs of users by researching health monitoring algorithms using wearable technologies. Our SkiMachine, equipped with sensors, allows Huawei’s research team to accurately measure an athlete’s speed, position, carving angles, forces, and performance data. By working with Huawei, our Treadmill can contribute to advancing knowledge in health and fitness research, and we’re very proud of that!

A journey out East

During the spring and summer months, our team traveled to Uzbekistan, South Korea, and Qatar. In the heart of Chirchiq, Uzbekistan, Gosudarstvennyj University now offers indoor skiing lessons to students and athlete sporters with a new Treadmill SkiMachine, which is made possible by the Ministry of Sports and Education. In July, Snow Flex in Seoul opened its doors with two of our larger revolving SkiMachines. Our engineers were warmly welcomed there, got to explore Seoul, and enjoyed trying local South Korean delicacies like freshly cut and still moving octopus… Few months later, we went to Qatar to set up a new eye-catcher at the shopping center: One Mall. Despite a difficult entry route through the mall, our engineers ensured a smooth installation. Now, the new SkiMachine is a centerpiece in One Mall, catching the attention of many visitors at the shopping center!

skiing in uzbekistan
skiing in south korea
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Artificial Ski Grass replacement

During the summer period, our team focused mainly on replacing artificial ski grass at indoor ski centers all around the world. In total, we managed to provide a whopping 30 ski slopes with a fresh layer of our Pro Snow Artificial Ski Grass. This specially designed surface mimics the feeling of skiing on real snow but in a controlled and more convenient indoor setting than on regular slopes!

4 SkiMachines for SNÖBAHN

Indoor sports center SNÖBAHN is expanding with a new 3000 m2 large action sports facility in Thornton, Colorado, building on the success of its Denver center. While their current Denver facility uses Maxxtracks simulators, SNÖBAHN has opted for SkiMachine for the new center, where we had the opportunity to install four new SkiMachines. Despite the tight schedule for the opening, we managed to perform maintenance for all Maxxtracks simulators in the current center and deliver the new SkiMachines on time for the new ski center. The impressive new action sports center won’t just offer indoor skiing and snowboarding but will also feature other action sports like skating, BMX riding, and trampolining. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast, SNÖBAHN looks forward to welcoming you and helping you reach new peaks in your adventures.

skiing in colorado

Redesigned Portable SkiMachine to Austria

A brand-new Portable SkiMachine has arrived in Austria. This mobile setup is an ideal tool for Snowsports Academy, which operates in various locations across the country. Snowsports Academy is the Ski and Snowboard Association based in Vienna, Austria, featuring a training and demo team with over 100 highly skilled ski and snowboard instructors who train and certify instructors. Throughout the year, our team of engineers made some technical improvements to the Portable SkiMachine. The model is now even easier to fold and move, allowing Snowsports Academy to use it conveniently for demonstrations of alpine skiing, snowboarding, and even cross-country skiing when the slope is switched to its uphill position.

indoor skiing in austria

We look ahead

With installations already confirmed in France, Italy, Korea, and the United States at the beginning of 2024 alongside other exciting indoor skiing projects on the horizon, we’re beyond excited for the upcoming year. For now, we’d like to wish everyone the best of luck and a happy 2024!

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