Sassenheim, a scenic village located in South Holland in the Netherlands, is renowned for its stunning tulip fields, charming canals, and historical windmills. However, there is more to Sassenheim than meets the eye. Since 2014, the village has been home to Ski Center Sassenheim – an esteemed ski and snowboard center that offers snow sports activities to visitors. With the installation of a new Portable SkiMachine, the center opened a new kids’ area, enhancing its overall capacity to meet the increasing demand for ski lessons.

The origin of Ski Center Sassenheim

From a young age, Niels Mooij was enamored with the thrill of snow sports. As he grew older, he decided to pursue this passion. In 2014, his dedication and hard work paid off when he became the proud owner of Ski Center Sassenheim. Today, the center is a premier destination for snow sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

Ski Center Sassenheim offers skiing and snowboarding to visitors, with ski slopes catering to all levels – from beginners to advanced. The center also provides rental equipment to those who need it, ensuring that everyone can have a good time. Under the guidance of Niels Mooij, Ski Center Sassenheim continues to be a must-visit destination for anyone seeking an unforgettable snow sports experience in the Netherlands.

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Professional guidance in snow sports

Winter sports provide a thrilling and exhilarating adventure. At Ski Center Sassenheim, they recognize that learning and refining a technique can greatly enhance the enjoyment of ski holidays. Therefore, the center offers 7-week courses designed to help visitors prepare for their ski holiday, transitioning from indoor skiing to skiing on real snow in the mountains. Training on an indoor ski simulator is an effective and secure method for improving your skiing abilities. While novice skiers will quickly master the skiing technique, more experienced skiers can work on imperfections.

We support visitors in accomplishing their individual objectives, whether the goal is to overcome fear or brush up on a skiing technique. Our approach is personalized and focused on educating our visitors about skiing. By actively involving them in the learning process, we strive to create a memorable and enriching experience.

Niels Mooij

Owner, Ski Center Sassenheim

Ski Center Sassenheim offers group training in small group sizes, with a maximum of three participants, allowing for ample individual attention and guidance from professional instructors. Through the immediate application of instruction and the use of mirrors to observe and correct movements, progress is quickly evident. Their experienced instructors tailor the training to individual skill levels and personal goals, adjusting the incline and intensity of the track as needed. With a focus on clear explanation, engagement, and a hands-on approach, the instructors strive to make the learning process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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How ski centers can use the Portable SkiMachine

Our new Portable SkiMachine model is a great addition and valuable asset to ski centers. At Ski Center Sassenheim, they have introduced a new kids’ area equipped with our Portable SkiMachine to provide a secure, pleasant, and enjoyable learning environment for the youngest children. This expansion enhances the center’s overall capacity and allows for even more ski enthusiasts to enjoy their facilities. 

The compact version of the Treadmill SkiMachine can be easily set up in just an hour, and it can be transported to any location in a car trailer. Furthermore, it can serve as an attractive and unique addition to events and shows. The direction of rotation of the sports surface can be changed to accommodate different sports, including cross-country and Nordic skiing, mountain biking, cycling, and hiking in addition to downhill skiing. Whether you’re an athlete looking to train wherever you are, a ski shop providing boot fitting services, a fitness club looking to add a new dimension to your offerings, or a ski center wanting to increase the overall capacity of your center, the Portable SkiMachine is the best choice.

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