Year in and year out, over 250 ski centers worldwide provide snow sports enthusiasts with the opportunity to practice their favorite sport without having to worry about long trips to mountain areas. Yet, as the summer period is often perceived as the ‘’off-season’’ in wintersport land, what is the best approach for ski centers to cover this period? Should centers remain open and organize summer ski camps? Or should they rather focus on maintaining the ski simulators and preparing for the upcoming season? SkiMachine has encountered various approaches and will therefore provide some advice about this consideration.

The benefits of organizing summer ski camps 

Skiing in the warmer months of the year often involves poor snow conditions and high prices to access gletsjers. Therefore, this period is often associated with terms like ‘’slush puppy season” and ‘’dry land skiing”. However, over the years, more organizations have discovered the business potential of the summer period. As a result, several organizations have made clever use of the off-season. While ski resorts can organize summer sports activities during the summer break, indoor ski centers can provide their visitors with a unique experience. By organizing life-changing summer ski camps that combine both skiing/snowboarding and summer sports activities, you can serve visitors that simply cannot get enough of enjoying their favorite sport.
For consumers in general, availability is becoming more and more important as they expect products and services to be available anywhere, and at any time. With the unique benefit of year-round accessibility, SkiMachines can serve this growing demand. Thus, if you think that the business opportunity of a ski center ends during the off-season in the summer period, please think again..

Ski centers can capitalize on those who want to brush up on their skiing technique before heading to the mountains in the winter season, those who want to connect socially with others, or those who are looking for a remarkable experience during the summer break. The possibilities are essentially unlimited, just like our slopes!


Serve the growing demand

As consumer standards are shifting, ski centers can adhere to this emerging trend by providing their visitors with year-round access to endless ski slopes.

ski camps in summer

Keep the interest returning

Since a SkiMachine doubles up as a giant interactive billboard displaying your brand message, participants and spectators will certainly remember the brand!

ski camp during summer

Differentiate from others

Offering more than ski lessons can be the statement piece that sets your ski center apart from other centers, allowing you to acquire new customers effectively.

skiing in summer

Increase return on investment

Organizing summer ski camps is a great way to keep the revenue streams going during the summer break and increase your return on investment.


Serve your community

Centers can offer a diverse program with summer and winter activities, and informative workshops, creating a valuable experience that customers can recall.


Expand your target audience

Bringing the slopes to novice skiers who are looking for entertaining ways to retain their mental and physical health is the ideal way to grow a customer base.

Centers that organize yearly summer ski camps


Colorado-based SNÖBAHN is bringing the successful international concept of indoor ski and snowboard centers to the United States. During the ‘’off-season’’, the ski center offers ski camps for kids who look for fun and adventure and want to improve their ski or snowboard technique. The program includes an in-depth exploration of ski and snowboard technique and movement, daily on-slope ski and snowboard training, freestyle trampoline sessions, skateboarding, and workshops about gear, mountain and snow safety, ski and snowboard tuning, and more!

Moreover, SNÖBAHN offers race camps for the more advanced skiers looking to refine techniques, improve mechanics, and make significant progress. During this program, athletes experience accelerated improvement with video movement analysis, unparalleled practice volume, and a highly compressed feedback loop. The schedule contains stretching and plyometrics, skiing on revolving slopes with race instructors, trampoline training, theory, video analysis, and dry land training focused on strength, agility, and conditioning.


Snowsports Zwolle

Indoor ski center Snowsports Zwolle brings the exhilarating thrills of skiing on the white slopes closer to home. This beautiful ski center in the Netherlands uses two ARS60110 treadmill SkiMachines to allow snow sports enthusiasts to practice their favorite sport year-round. Skiers and snowboarders of all ages and abilities can shape their techniques under the professional guidance of their certified and passionate instructors. 

During the summer break, it is time for action and fun! The Extreme Sports Summer Camp provides children from 8 to 14 years old with three days of great entertainment. The program includes summer and winter activities, ranging from trampoline jumping and bouldering on a climbing wall to skating and skiing.


Maintain your ski simulators!

When organizing ski camps is not of your interest or not in the interest of your target audience, don’t worry! There are several options for ski centers to consider when planning for the summer period. For instance, the summer break can be the perfect moment to schedule a yearly maintenance check in which our engineers ensure that everything keeps running smoothly. Our SkiMachines are known for their unrivaled durability and low maintenance. Therefore, the only requirement for customers is to keep the SkiMachine as clean as possible and inspect for wear. During the yearly maintenance check that will take a few hours at most, our engineers will cover the rest! This includes inspecting, greasing, and cleaning components, and a product functionality test. 
Depending on your preferences, location, ski center’s culture, and the demand of your customers, you can either remain open for dedicated skiers that are willing to continue their training during the summer or utilize the summer break to prepare your center and ski instructors for a kickstart in the upcoming season. 

Most importantly, to provide your visitors with the best possible experience, you need a freshly groomed ski slope to ensure visitors can ski and snowboard without any concern. As time goes by, the Pro Snow artificial ski grass on your SkiMachine will naturally start wearing out over the years. Therefore, if replacement is necessary, the summer break would be the best moment to replace your artificial ski grass. To do so, our team is always on hand to replace your existing surface with our long-lasting ProSnow® Artificial Dry Slope Ski Grass

Need additional information about our ProSnow® Artificial Dry Slope Ski Grass?

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