With an average of 30 days of snowfall per year, the skiing days in the UK are definitely not endless, which is why many snow sport enthusiasts travel abroad. Yet, in June earlier this year, Parkwood Leisure opened the doors of an ultra-modern center named: Tarka Leisure Center. Since their grand opening, customers have enjoyed using the state-of-the-art facilities, including a brand new SkiMachine: the first endless ski slope that brings skiing and snowboarding to North Devon!

Brand new SkiMachine at Tarka Leisure Centre

Situated in the heart of North Devon, Tarka Leisure center offers a wide range of facilities, including two swimming pools, an exciting aquatic children’s playground, four stories of soft play, a large sports hall, multiple indoor and outdoor tennis courts, three fitness studios, and more importantly, our brand new SkiMachine! It is no surprise that this gigantic leisure center creates memories for visitors of all ages and abilities. The endless ski slope at Tarka Leisure is a state-of-the-art indoor slope with a movable surface that is controlled by a professional ski instructor. The slope’s gradient can be moved between 10 – 18 degrees and the speed can be increased to suit your ability. As a result, both beginners and more experienced practitioners are welcome at Tarka Leisure Center. There’s loads of fun to be had, whether you want to shape your technique by taking a ski lesson or challenge your friends in an interactive experience. So come along and put your agility to the test at Devon’s first and only dry indoor ski slope!

From sketch to reality: how a SkiMachine is made

Creating our high-end SkiMachines begins with visualizing the concept according to the needs and desires of our beloved customers. Consequently, the mechanical engineer will create the blueprint of the revolving slope using 3D design techniques in AutoCAD. Next, a graphical designer will create branded designs for the exercise bars and the boarding of the endless ski slope for personalization. As a result, the SkiMachine doubles up as a gigantic interactive billboard that displays the customer’s brand message! 

Meanwhile, the required components of the endless ski slope are assembled in our factory in the Netherlands where all of our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and tested above and beyond the current safety guidelines. Our team of skilled production workers will prepare and compose the main construction of the SkiMachine with the highest care. To thematize the SkiMachine the design files will be printed and attached to the corresponding components. As a final step, a fresh layer of Pro Snow Artificial Ski Grass is glued on top of the conveyor belt, whereafter a brand new customized SkiMachine is prepared for shipping to a happy customer!

tarka leisure center

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Why SkiMachine is trusted by indoor ski centers


SkiMachine’s goal is to be the best. Therefore, we stand for quality and durability and continuously work on innovations and improvements to make our endless ski slopes even better. Our indoor ski machines are built for the long run and are easy to maintain. We are always at the forefront of the indoor ski revolution and set the standards for the industry.


Our service is built on the foundation of our teamwork. SkiMachine developed a fun and rewarding culture, resulting in better service for customers. We listen to your needs, are always there, continuously innovate to bring you the best solutions, and assist you beyond the installation of the ski slope.


We are driven by passion. The SkiMachine team consists of snow enthusiasts with a passion for design techniques and engineers with a passion for snow sports. This combination results in the best possible endless ski slopes for your facility. By constantly challenging one another, we can push beyond the limits and deliver more innovative solutions for our clients.


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With 100+ endless ski slopes installed worldwide, numerous positive reactions from clients, and over 25 years of experience, SkiMachine has created wealth and know-how in manufacturing the highest quality indoor simulators in the industry. We are happy to provide you with professional input at any time!

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