The future of ski lessons: Infinite Ski Machines

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The future of ski lessons? Infinite Ski Machines!
Ski instructor James tells us all about it.

In this age of technology, information has never been more accessible. If you search the internet, you will find a seemingly unlimited amount ski learning material.
This abundance of technical advice has left many new skiers wondering if they actually need ski lessons? In order to answer this question, we asked ski instructor and SnowSunSee owner James King to share his knowledge. If you ask us about the future of ski lessons? Infinite ski machines!SnowSunSee James King

James has been skiing since he was 5 years old and has been a qualified ski instructor for over 10 years. He has taught skiing across the globe, both on snow and on an infinite treadmill Ski Machines. His combination of online work and industry experience makes him an ideal candidate to discuss the future of ski lessons.
Throughout this article, he looks to share his advice on the best methods to learn, improve and access skiing in the 21st century.

Are ski lessons still necessary?

This is a simple question that deserves a simple answer: Yes!
Ski lessons are still necessary, providing you want to master the correct technique!
If you are a beginner, there is no substitute for a lesson with a ski instructor. Having a professional build your ski foundations is vital. Additionally, they can provide demonstrations that will increase your understanding.
Perfecting the basics will give you the foundation required to become a solid skier. If you skip this step, you will learn bad habits that are sure to stunt your future progress.

Fortunately, advancing technology has made obtaining ski lessons easier than ever. Utilizing online information alongside lessons on an infinite treadmill ski machine has given skiers the opportunity to learn before heading to a mountain resort. New infinite ski machine technology and an abundance of online information has made learning to ski convenient.

I’m already an accomplished skier, are lessons still beneficial?

Skiing is a broad sport that involves a wide variety of techniques and terrains. It is a never-ending learning process, no matter how much your ability improves. Discovering your own areas for improvement can be a challenging task. No matter how much knowledge you have, you will always become better under the guidance of a ski instructor.
Have you ever wondered why professional athletes still need coaches? Seeing your own mistakes isn’t always easy! In particular an infinite ski machine with mirror frame in front and instructor close by can lead to fast improvements. You will notice that as your ability improves, your lesson requirements will evolve. Technical advice from your instructor will give you the tools required for successful self-practice, on or off the slopes.

Can’t I just learn everything online before I arrive at the slopes?

Online resources provide an invaluable way to improve your ski technique. You can find technical advice that is sure to boost your knowledge and improve your performance.
However, any online learning should complement your ski lessons; not replace them. Understanding the skills required is one thing, but putting them into practice is the real challenge.
Utilize online guides and advice to become familiar with the required technique before your ski lessons. When used as part of a comprehensive learning plan, they can have a big impact on your progression.

So how can I progress my skiing before heading to the mountain? And what about the infinite ski machine ?

Combining ski literature with practical learning is the fastest way to improve your performance. Thanks to modern technology, this is all possible before you reach the resort.
Infinite ski machines have become increasingly popular in recent years. They provide a way to ski without heading to the mountain, making skiing more accessible than ever.infinite ski machine Snowise

Infinite ski machines are ideal for those who may not have a mountain range on their doorstep or want to continue progression ‘out of season’, shape their technique or do ski specific fitness exercises. But also for the ones that just like to ski year-round and want to have some fun!

Learning to ski indoors before you head for your holiday, wether it´s in on an artificial dry slope or on an infinite ski machine, is highly desirable. It will allow you to skip the beginner slopes and enjoy the mountain to its full potential. It´s the future of ski lessons.

What’s it like learning to ski on an infinite ski machine? And what about the future of ski lessons ?

Infinite Ski Machines are designed to provide a learning experience that mimics the snow. Although there are some slight differences in the way it feels; the fundamental technique is the same. Any technique that you learn online can be transferred onto an infinite ski machine. Following this, any technique you learn on an infinite ski machine can be directly transferred to the snow.

Class sizes are often small, so you will get more focus from your instructor than on the snow. This can greatly increase your rate of progression, while also making it a safe learning environment. In my personal experience, basic technique is often learned much faster on an infinite ski machine. It gives you consistent ski time that is often not possible in the mountain environment, allowing you to master skills in a shorter time frame.

How about using an infinite ski machine if I can already ski?

infinite ski machine LeenmanInfinite ski machines are a great way to maintain your level of performance throughout the off-season. They provide a year-round platform to maintain your performance levels. They are also a great way to focus on your technical weaknesses. You will be able to focus on the consistency of your turns and pinpoint any recurring faults. Most infinite ski machines are set up with a mirror at the front, allowing you to judge your own ski technique in real time. Additionally, the close attention of an instructor will help you assess your weaknesses and areas to improve. The newest generation infinite ski machines even has a video playback system installed to improve even on the smallest points. They also provide a great way to improve your fitness levels. The endless nature of the slope works well to improve your cardio fitness. Also, nothing works your skiing muscles better than skiing!

Bonus Point: Using an infinite ski machine can be done year-round and is fun!

What are the advantages of using an infinite ski machine?

Infinite ski machines have a wide range of advantages for skiers of all levels. They work to improve your mental and physical ability in a variety of ways, some of which I will list here:

  • Convenient to access
  • Good fitness workout
  • High level of instructor attention
  • No ski lift lines
  • Cheaper than learning in resort
  • Skiing year-round
  • Safe learning environment
  • Learn to ski before arriving in resort
  • Technique transfers directly onto the snow
  • Gives you a chance to ‘try’ skiing before booking a trip
  • It’s fun!

What does the future hold for skiing?

Like with all areas of life, skiing will continue to change with improving technology. This is already evidenced with the advancements in artificial slopes and online learning facilities. I’m predicting a big future for infinite ski machines in particular. They provide a platform to participate in skiing in an accessible environment.

As the demand for skiing continues to increase, mountain resorts have become significantly more expensive. This has created a growing demand for a realistic and affordable skiing experience.
I believe that infinite ski machines will become an integral part of the ski industry over the coming decade. They continue to make skiing accessible for an increasingly globalized ski population.

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