Walk during your meeting on the custom-built treadmill!         

treadmill meeting room questlife

Normally you guys build ski machines. So… a meeting treadmill?!?

Yes, our specialty is building ski machines. But, our team of designers and engineers are always up for a challenge, and as the market is aware of our innovative concepts and openness to new ideas, we regularly get inquiries for custom-made projects such as the meeting treadmill. So here we have it! A meeting room that moves and keeps you active and therefore alert, because we all know the reality of endless boring meetings where it’s only too easy to fall asleep on the job!

But what´s a meeting treadmill?

By now we should all be familiar with a treadmill desk…a small treadmill placed underneath a desk which allows you to walk and work at the same time. A great innovation, but one which doesn´t solve the problem of boring meetings where some people talk incessantly while others fall asleep. So, we came up with the idea of injecting more energy into a meeting by encouraging people to walk on a gigantic treadmill. And that’s exactly what the moving meeting room is, a gigantic treadmill where you can walk together during a meeting, stay alert for longer, and ultimately get much more out of the whole experience.

So how does the meeting room of the future look?

The meeting room of the future looks a bit different than you’re used to….

  • No enormous table with comfortable chairs which encourage power naps instead of an effective work environment!Questlife Agora treadmill
  • A gigantic treadmill covered with artificial grass that stimulates both body and mind and the end result being a much more productive workplace.
  • A natural looking environment with walls covered in moss. The ‘natural’ surroundings encourage peace of mind, allowing you to focus more effectively on the meeting.
  • A simple water tap and some fruit, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and subsequently, a healthy mind and spirit.

What are the advantages of a treadmill meeting room?

Walking during a meeting stimulates creativity but also increases engagement from the participants, who will engage more fully, contribute pro-actively and stay focused for longer. Besides benefits for the outcomes of meetings there are also personal health benefits which can result in lower absenteeism for the company.

Advantages of frequent movement observed through research:

  • 30% fewer cases of diabetes type 3
  • 78% reduction in chronic pains
  • On average 8% higher productivity
  • Levels of creativity can increase by 81%.
  • Stressed levels reduced by 30%.

Active walking meetings on a treadmill are the future!

We are proud that our partner QuestLife came to us to breathe life into this idea, inviting us to produce their first prototypes. It was good to see that we are not the only ones who thought this was a great idea! KPMG listed the Questlife treadmill meeting room in their Real Estate Innovations overview which showcase numerous fascinating innovations from all over the world, of which the meeting treadmill is one!
The Dutch Design Week showcased them as ´the future of offices´
While architect branche organisation BNI displayed them in an article about ´the new workspace´
And Dutch design daily interviewed them about the benifits!
The future looks bright! And active.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!

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