Treadmill SkiMachine

The infinite treadmill ski machine for indoor ski centers

Recreating the thrills of the slopes 365 days a year

An infinite descent down a mountain is the dream of every winter sports enthusiast. At SkiMachine, we are here to help make this dream come true.

Our Treadmill SkiMachine offers snowboarders and skiers the perfect tool for training. Let us install this ground-breaking technology in your indoor ski center and you can offer fun lessons to amateurs and valuable coaching to professionals. It is time to bring the slopes to you. Get in touch to find out more.

In house production

Our state of the art production facility allows us to test and develop continuously. We guarantee the highest standards and safety levels to our customers and provide them with seamless customer service from the very first inquiry to the installation and beyond.

community driven

It might seem odd that SkiMachines are developed in a country without mountains but this was the stimulus needed for the creation of this innovative concept. To continuously develop the revolutionary design, we regularly invite industry experts and athletes to share their input! 

Endless experience

Our track record isn’t really endless, still we have built the first SkiMachine in 1995, so by now we can say that we have tons of experience installing SkiMachines all over the world! Both skiing and engineering is in our vains, ask our ambassadors!

A closer look at our ski treadmill machine

How the Treadmill SkiMachine works

Our Treadmill SkiMachine is similar to a normal treadmill but much bigger. The conveyer belt on the ski treadmill is covered with an artificial ski carpet called ProSnow® to simulate snow conditions. The treadmill is set on an angle and as soon as the conveyer belt starts rotating, you can start skiing. The angle and speed of the ski treadmill are adjustable, making this state-of-the-art ski machine suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

Setting you off on the right track

All our SkiMachines are developed and built in our Alpine Engineering factory in The Netherlands ready to be shipped worldwide. We send our team of engineers to take care of a smooth installation.

Once we’ve installed the Treadmill SkiMachine, we can train and certify your instructors to ensure they are comfortable with the technology.

The Treadmill SkiMachine in action

Your certified instructors can help skiers and snowboarders progress or enjoy their learning by activating the interactive ski games. A mirror frame in front gives customers accurate feedback about their moves on the SkiMachine. The ski instructor uses the control panel and remote control to guide customers safely through the session, while the slalom projector challenges you to beat the track record.

ski simulator machine france

The world´s largest SkiMachine available!

Treadmill SkiMachine 70120

The Treadmill Ski Machine 70120 has an effective ski surface of 7 meters wide and 12 meters long. It is the largest ski simulator available and is only built and installed by SkiMachine. The width of the simulator in combination with a higher top speed enables you to do extreme carving or learn telemark skiing while the length creates extra capacity on the ski carpet for new training methods.

The size of this eye-catching revolving SkiMachine offers a luxurious and safe feeling which makes indoor skiing even more comfortable with larger groups. If you want to grab people’s attention, look no further.

What our customers say about us

Discover more about our Treadmill SkiMachine

And keep in mind you can always contact us for your custom request but for now let us share some basic specifications with you.
The Treadmill SkiMachine is available from € 95.000,- / $ 105,000.-


Standard with our Treadmill SkiMachine:

  • Turn key delivery
  • Control box with user friendly touch screen
  • Maintenance free galvanized support frame
  • Top layer of ProSnow®, our artificial ski carpet
  • Semi-automatic sprinkler system
  • Powder coated railings in a RAL-color of your choice
  • Side board carpets in the color of your choice
  • Adjustable exercise beam
  • Developed and constructed in accordance with CE-regulations
  • Remote monitoring over internet if necessary
  • Standard 24 months warranty

Safety features:

  • Quick stop pull cords and switches all around the side rails
  • Switchable safety sensor above the drive roller which activates the quick stop
  • Remote control with quick stop
  • Control box with touch screen and emergency stop
  • Safety coverings at every corner of the turning parts
  • Safety labelling
  • Remote control with out of reach control

Optional parts:

  • Inclination adjustment
  • Increased top speed
  • Mirror frame including look-through mirrors
  • Extra exercise beams for learning
  • Side and back wall panels
  • Moveable construction
  • Interactive projection systems
Available sizes

Our indoor Treadmill SkiMachine are available in several standard sizes.
If you wish a custom model, please contact us.


Treadmill SkiMachine 4060

Outer measurements: 560 x 960 cm / 19′ x 31′
Indoor ski surface: 400 x 600 cm / 13′ x 20′

Treadmill SkiMachine 5090

Outer measurements: 660 x 1240 cm / 22′ x 41′
Indoor ski surface: 500 x 900 cm / 17′ x 30′

Treadmill SkiMachine 60110

Outer measurements: 770 x 1440 cm / 26′ x 47′
Indoor ski surface: 600 x 1100 cm / 20′ x 36′

Treadmill SkiMachine 70120

Outer measurements: 870 x 1570 cm / 29′ x 51´
Indoor ski surface: 700 x 1200 cm / 23´ x 40′

Questions about the Ski Machine?

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