Are you installing our next SkiMachine in for example Phuket, Denver or Brussel? Or is designing a new SkiMachine model more up your alley? We are currently looking for a service engineer and a mechanical engineer to help us bring our ski simulators to snow sports enthusiasts all over the world. 

Who we are

Our adventures started back in 1995 when talented snowboarder and mechanical engineer Rob built two treadmill ski machines and opened his own indoor ski center! As the demand for his indoor ski simulators started growing, he dedicated all his time and effort to our beloved SkiMachine, previously known as Alpine Engineering. Since then, the knowledge of snow sports, the drive for innovation, and our true passion for skiing have helped our team to grow the business into the leading ski simulator manufacturer we are today. Our team is a group of passionate professionals who’ll go the extra mile and strive to be the ideal partner for our customers. Passion, durability, and teamwork are the pillars that form the foundation of our business, resulting in a fun, rewarding, and welcoming culture.

To exceed the expectations of our customers, all SkiMachine simulators are manufactured in-house at our factory in the Netherlands, using only the highest quality materials and advanced smart production techniques. With over 250 SkiMachines installed worldwide, we’ve created wealth and know-how in more than just manufacturing. From visualizing ideas to providing on-site service years down the line, SkiMachine provides customers with innovative solutions and the best service possible. 

For the upcoming years, we are devoted to developing our business and providing snow sports enthusiasts from all over the world with the opportunity to practice skiing and snowboarding when there is no snow nearby. From Thailand to Canada and from the United States to Poland, exciting projects are ahead of us! 

Will you join us on this exciting journey? Read more about our job offers below!

Will you install our SkiMachines around the world? 

Being a service engineer at SkiMachine means diversity, responsibility, and a dynamic working environment. 

Our business operations will take place in our workshop and in worldwide locations. Operations include: preparing the woodwork for the floor of the SkiMachine, assembling the height adjustment, welding the railings, fixing the padding, cutting and gluing the ski grass, packing the container for transport, installing our SkiMachines in locations all over the world, and providing new owners with product and maintenance training. Furthermore, providing maintenance service to existing customers, solving ad hoc malfunctions on location, and reviewing the design of our SkiMachines are also part of a service engineer’s processes! 

At SkiMachine, we work with a modest team on technically advanced and challenging projects. Working together, having fun, and also taking responsibility are our top priorities. We are happy to teach you the trade and work with you to deliver the best possible SkiMachines for our customers!

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More information about our vacancy for a mechanical engineer:

Are you designing the next SkiMachine? And will you provide support during the installation in Bangkok, Quebec, or Antwerp? 

Being a mechanical engineer at SkiMachine means variety, responsibility, and creativity. 

Business operations for a Mechanical Engineer will include: optimizing existing SkiMachines and our production process, designing new projects, and finally preparing and installing these projects in international locations. 

As a result, working days will be varied and contain lots of freedom to organize and schedule work. A group of professional idiots with a passion for skiing and technology will be more than welcoming and happy to work with a new mechanical engineer. 

At SkiMachine, we always try to make the best possible for our customers, so we also prefer for a Mechanical Engineer to think along with our customers about construction plans and designs.


More information about our vacancy for a service engineer:

Will you plan and calculate our high-end SkiMachines and also support the building process from time-to-time?

Being a production planner at SkiMachine means responsibility, flexibility, and variety!  

The assembly of our products will take place in our factory whereafter we install on locations worldwide. Operations include: facilitating the production process, acquiring the necessary materials for our SkiMachines, organizing the production planning, preparing tools, and booking transport in consultation with customers. 

But that’s not all: Assembling SkiMachines, preparing orders for transport, and visiting locations around the world to help build and commission the SkiMachines can also be part of your operations!

Our small team requires flexibility and responsibility but also gives a lot of freedom to take on varied tasks in a fun environment. We are happy to teach you the tricks of the trade!


More information about our vacancy for a production worker:

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With 100+ SkiMachines installed worldwide, numerous positive reactions from clients, and over 25 years of experience, SkiMachine has created wealth and know-how in manufacturing the highest quality indoor simulators in the industry. We are happy to provide you with professional input at any time!
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