A7-IndoorSki.nl has an XXL SkiMachine!

dryslope indoor ski machine simulator

Directly next to the A7 highway you can find the only Alpine-Engineering XXL SkiMachine in the province of Groningen and the largest never-ending indoor ski slope in The Netherlands, with a ski surface of 7 x 11 meters.

The Alpine Treadmill Ski Machine 70110 has an effective ski surface of 7 meters wide and 11 meters long. It’s the largest ski simulator available and only built and installed by Alpine Engineering. The width of the simulator enables you to do extreme carving or learn telemark skiing while the length creates space on the ski carpet for new training methods.The size of this revolving ski machine offers a luxurious and safe feeling which makes indoor skiing even more comfortable. You can find this XXL SkiMachine at A-7IndoorSki.nl

When Edwin Gerbers traveled to Kaprun, in Austria for his first ski holiday he was devoted to skiing from the very first lesson he took. About 40 years later he was determined to make his hobby his job and inspire others by motivating them to love skiing as much as he did.

Edwin was convinced from the start that skiing was more than only making a run on the slope and set to work creating an attractive bar area to host parties or drink a cup of coffee whilst watching people enjoy and try skiing for the first time on a revolving ski track.

His team of experienced snow instructors enjoy teaching people the first steps of snowsports and love to help experienced skiers perfect their techniques. This nice wide and long indoor ski slope can be found on the BeNeLux weg in Zuidbroek which is a 15-minute drive from the city of Groningen.

“Innovative enthusiastic perfectionists! Rob and his team are not satisfied untill every detail exceeds the customers expectations.” 

—Edwin Gerbers—A7-Indoorski—

Watch this video to see how Edwin started!

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