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Ski all year round with Ski Machine

You don’t need to visit the Alps to experience the thrill and excitement of the slopes. Since 1995, we have developed and built the best indoor ski simulators in our Alpine Engineering factory in The Netherlands.

Whether you are in Melbourne or Timbuktu, our team will install your ski simulator in your indoor ski center and teach your team how to use it. There really are no limits to the possibilities. Our indoor ski machines can be used by professionals and amateurs for sport or fun.



Imagine skiing and snowboarding for 365 days. The Treadmill Ski Machine simulates an endless descent down the mountain. This infinite ski slope comes in several sizes, from a portable ski slope to our extra-large ski machine.

disc slope ski simulator training utrecht

Disc slope ski simulator

The endless round-going tilting movement of the Disc Slope Ski Simulator mimics the descent of the slopes with a continuous forward movement. This unique ski simulator by SkiMachine can be the star attraction in an indoor ski center or small fun park.



Our Portable SkiMachine is a compact, foldable ski simulator, enabling you to train anywhere and anytime. It is ideal for private use and can be easily transported around the world. You could even use it as a promotional tool at exhibition events or inside a ski shop.

Trusted by indoor ski training centers around the world

Experience the thrills without the hills

Our indoor ski simulators are a great way to increase revenue in an existing family entertainment center or build a fruitful indoor ski center.
Our innovative solutions make snow sports accessible for everyone in a fun way. Skiers and snowboarders can use our ski machines to train 365 days a year. Kids can get their first ski lessons safely, while experienced skiers can make fast progress by doing more reps on our revolving slopes.
There are no lifts or lines involved. Everyone can enjoy more effective training time and endless fun.

Why choose our indoor ski simulators


SkiMachine stands for quality and durability. It is our goal to be the best. We are continuously working on innovations and improvements to make our SkiMachines even better. Our indoor ski machines are built for the long run and are easy to maintain. We are always at the forefront of the indoor ski revolution and set the standards for the industry.


Our service is built on the foundation of our teamwork. We have built a fun and rewarding culture internally. By doing this, we can deliver a better service to you. We listen to your needs and are always there for you. We continuously innovate to bring you the best solutions and assist you beyond the installation of your ski simulator.


We are driven by passion. The SkiMachine team consists of snow enthusiasts with a passion for design techniques and engineers with a passion for snow sports. This combination results in the best possible indoor ski simulators for your facility. We constantly challenge each other to push beyond the limits and deliver more innovative solutions for our clients.

100+ Ski Simulators installed worldwide

At SkiMachine, we take care of a seamless installation of your indoor ski simulator no matter where you are. We offer a turnkey service and can even help you build indoor ski centers. Come snow or shine, we are here to provide a quality service from start to finish.

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