Portable Ski Machine

Take the Alps wherever you go with our transportable ski simulator

Small in size. Big in possibilities.

There is a time and place for skiing – and that is everywhere! Thanks to the Portable Ski Machine, you can experience an endless descent anywhere you like.

This portable ski simulator is perfect for training centers, private residencies, events and promotional events because of the limited space needed.

The Portable Ski Machine can also be used in indoor ski centers to train the kids or in a ski shop to let your customers test their gear. Don’t let its size fool you. The possibilities are endless. Get in touch to find out more.

Plug & Play

With a set of basic technical skills, this Portable Ski Machine can be unfolded and set up anywhere in just a couple hours. Plug it in, put your skies on and you are ready to make some turns on this endless ski slope!

Fully Customizable

Turn your Portable Ski Machine into a gigantic interactive billboard. With fully customizable banners on the back and sides and a range of colors to choose from for the railing and podium, this will definitely be an eye-catcher in your ski shop or private gym!

Unique experience

The Portable Ski Machine is used in many ways. Have fun with your friends at your private training center, test your boots and a new set of skies at a ski center, or use the Portable Ski Machine for brand activation. The opportunities are endless!

A closer look at our Portable Ski Machine

How the Portable Ski Machine works

The Portable Ski Machine is easy to set up anywhere in just a few hours. It is covered with our artificial dry slope ski grass and built on swivel wheels. It can be folded and easily placed on a car trailer and transported to another location. When the Portable Ski Machine is set up, the inclination of the slope and speed can be adjusted to make this ski slope simulator suitable for every level.


Setting you off on the right track

All our SkiMachines are developed and built in our Alpine Engineering factory in The Netherlands ready to be shipped worldwide. Our team of engineers is always on hand to help you set your Portable SkiMachine up.

If required, we can train and certify staff or coaches to ensure they are comfortable with the technology.

The Portable SkiMachine in action

The Portable SkiMachine can be used as an extension of the revolving ski machine, which is dedicated to kids and beginners. For professional athletes, this ski slope simulator can be used to stay in shape and work on their technique all year round. If you own a ski shop, you could incorporate the portable ski treadmill into your boot fitting service or when customers want to test out the gear. The Portable SkiMachine is also a popular eye-catching attraction to use at events and shows. The choice is yours.

Use the Portable SkiMachine for cross-country skiing or cycling 

There are no peaks to the possibilities of the Portable SkiMachine. Both cycling and cross-country skiing can be done on this portable ski slope as it has a reverse mode that makes you go uphill. The sports surface of 400 cm wide and 330 cm deep offers plenty of space for 2 cross country athletes. When it is used for cycling, we replace the artificial ski carpet with a smooth surface to simulate road and track environments.

mobile proleski simulator

What our customers say about us

Find out more about our Portable Ski Machine

And keep in mind you can always contact us for your custom request but for now, let us share some basic specifications with you.
The portable ski slope is available from €65.000,- / $70,000.-


Standard with our Portable Ski Slope:

  • Turnkey delivery
  • Galvanized support frame
  • Top layer of Pole-Snow® artificial ski carpet
  • Foldable for transport
  • Built on swivel wheels
  • Adjustable inclination
  • Suitable for downhill and uphill sports
  • 24 months warranty

Safety features:

  • 2-sided fence
  • Soft buffer at the back of the slope
  • Switchable safety sensor above drive roller which activates quick stop
  • Remote control with emergency stop button and out of reach control
  • Control box with emergency stop
  • Exercise beam at the front
  • Safety coverings at every corner
  • A roller beam at the front for cycling
Available sizes

 The Portable Ski Slope is available in the following size:

Outer measurements: Unfolded:
515 x 415 x 250 cm /
16′ 11″ x 13′ 8″ x 8’3″
525 x 180 x 205 cm /
17′ 3″ x 5′ 11″ x 6′ 9″
Indoor ski surface: 400 x 330 cm / 13′ 2″ x 10′ 10″


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