Indoor ski center support

From concept to creation, we are here to help your indoor ski center reach the peak of its powers.

Go freestyle with SkiMachine

Every new indoor ski center needs more than just a SkiMachine. Besides the delivery and installation of our indoor ski simulators, we can also provide you with several tools and services to help launch your business successfully, including:

Design and theming

Before you launch your business, we can help you with the planning and designing phase. Over the years, we have helped many indoor ski centers take their business to new levels. We can support you with everything from creating a floorplan with an enticing story to designing themed visuals that you can use for potential investors.

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Indoor ski instructor training

After you have your SkiMachine installed, you are ready to start. However, the success of the technology also depends on good instructors and a great lesson program to keep customers coming back again and again.

We offer ski instructor training specific to indoor ski centers and allows you to design your ski program. It comes with a certification recognized by the Austrian ski federation.

And if needed we can even go one step further by offering customized training to help launch your business and make it more profitable.

Indoor ski center software

SkiMachine offers a range of revolutionary CRM booking programs designed to boost revenue and streamline customer service operations. By using the software, customers can effortlessly book their lessons, while indoor ski center operators can ensure optimal occupation of their revolving ski slope simulators.

The programs are specifically developed for ski schools, offering an automated grouping of ski levels for easy progress tracking. By automatically monitoring the progression of skiers and snowboarders, the software enhances customer service and ultimately leads to higher customer retention rates.

Interactive eSkiing tools

The new generation of skiing is here. Leave the slalom sticks and balls in the storage cupboard. Our slalom projector lets kids ski around trees and snowmen and adults navigate their way through a giant slalom image with several levels. The projector even allows you to display logos and offers more training modules.

It also boasts a hit-button counter. This fantastic feature is the perfect way to gamify your ski lessons and keep children and adults coming back for more. Stay challenged while having fun on the SkiMachine.

Yearly SkiMachine maintenance

When your new SkiMachine is installed, we always conduct operator training to help you get more familiar with the technology. However, we still recommend you call the experts to do an annual check.

A low-cost annual preventive maintenance check will make sure your SkiMachine runs smoothly and prevents any unexpected issues. By doing this, you can reduce downtime to an absolute minimum. If necessary, SkiMachine is always available for support and can check your ski simulator remotely.

dry slope ski grass

ski grass replacement

As time goes on, the artificial ski snow on your infinite dry slope ski simulator will naturally start to wear out. That is where we come in. Our team is always on hand to replace your existing surface with our long-lasting ProSnow® Artificial Dry Slope Ski Grass.

Extra activitities

Enhance the customer experience and generate extra income by adding new activities into the mix. At SkiMachine, we can help you create various added attractions, including:

  • Curling
  • An ice-skating rink
  • A tube slide

There are no limits to our imagination. Contact us today to start planning your new activity.


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