Our SkiMachines

Reach peak performance indoors with our range of innovative ski simulators

Made with passion, installed with love

All our SkiMachines are meant to create an infinite ski slope. Whether you are looking for a small portable indoor ski machine or a colossal eye-catching disc slope ski simulator to create a never-ending fun park, we build it in our factory in The Netherlands.

We offer a complete turnkey service with all our SkiMachines, including:




You can also take advantage of our additional services, such as instructor training, creative development of your indoor ski center and support using our ski lesson planning software. We are here to make sure your indoor ski center or entertainment park is prepared to deliver the ultimate indoor skiing experience all year round.

proleSki treadmill simulator

Treadmill SkiMachine

The Treadmill SkiMachine makes it possible to descend endlessly. This infinite treadmill ski slope is available in several types and dimensions, making it suitable for beginners and professional athletes.

Portable SkiMachine

This Portable SkiMachine is a relatively compact foldable ski simulator, making it possible to train anywhere you want. It is perfect for private use, as a kid’s slope in your indoor ski center, a test or boot fitting tool area in your ski shop, or a promotional tool at shows and events.


snowboard portable slope

Disc Slope Ski Simulator

The Disc Slope Ski Simulator has an endless round-going tilting movement and provides an infinite descent with a continuous forward movement. This truly unique ski simulator is developed by SkiMachine and the start of the second generation of indoor ski simulators.

Bespoke solutions beyond the Alps

There are no limits to our creativity and imagination. Over the years, we have built conveyors for film studios, developed walking meeting rooms and uphill training solutions for cycling teams and cross country skiing. If you have a concept, we would love to hear it. We can use our ski slope technology to create something bespoke for you.

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