The Hullo Center in Lubawa, Poland is a thriving social gathering place that is more than just an entertainment center. By offering a wide variety of recreational and sports activities, lodging, and rehabilitation services, Hullo fulfills an important social role in the local community. With the installation of our Treadmill SkiMachine, Hullo Centrum brings the thrills of the hills closer to its visitors and provides them the opportunity to practice skiing and snowboarding on a year-round basis.

Hullo Centrum in Poland

Entertainment center Hullo in Poland was created as a response to the needs of the society. Years of experience in education, rehabilitation, personal development, and supporting deprived people was an impulse for the start of a meaningful entertainment center. Hullo is a friendly space that fulfills a vital role in the local community. Families, groups of friends, and individuals that seek to learn, rehabilitate, enjoy activities, or share memorable experiences with others are welcome at Hullo Centrum. In addition, Hullo is not only a place for active recreation and social gathering but also a place for the holistic development of children and young adults. For this purpose, the center provides professional services in the field of psychotherapy, speech therapy, sensory integration, and pedagogy.


Sports entertainment for all visitors

Hullo center is offering an extensive range of recreational activities that fits all age groups. Visitors have access to a laser maze, dronarium, chemical laboratory, climbing wall, and a VR room. Furthermore, the center is the perfect place for team-building, birthday parties, school trips, and lodging. Looking for something more sports-related? At Hullo the possibilities are endless, just like our slopes. Whether you’re looking to work on your physique in the fitness area or challenge a friend in a game of squash, the Hullo center has everything to offer. In fact, after the installation of our Treadmill SkiMachine, Hullo has added another sport to its long list of activities. From now on, visitors of Hullo Centrum are provided with the opportunity to practice skiing and snowboarding on a year-round basis!


Why use a SkiMachine?

With numerous positive reactions from industry peers and clients, our SkiMachines are proven to be a guaranteed crowd magnet and a solution for indoor ski centers to entertain their visitors. The benefits for businesses that use our indoor ski simulators are boundless:

Fun for everyone

The simulators aren’t just for the pros! From children to Olympians, all products can be enjoyed by anyone.

Endless possibilities

Centers can develop multi-level ski programs, organize birthday parties, and offer team-building events for firms. The potential is never-ending.

Geographic accessibility

Capitalize on those that want to try out a sport before heading to the mountains. Ski simulators bring snow sports to areas where it would naturally be never possible. 

Crowd magnet

Skiing on a SkiMachine is not only fun to do, but also fun to watch. Our SkiMachines can serve as a giant interactive billboard displaying your brand message. 

Start your entertainment center

As increasing numbers of people seek new and exciting ways to maintain fitness and health, visiting an entertainment center that offers sports activities is becoming more and more attractive. By including our SkiMachines, entertainment centers can provide visitors with an additional sports activity that has a lot to offer. For instance, Pro-Snow artificial ski grass simulates the feeling of real snow, slalom projections bring a new dimension to skiing, and one-on-one sessions with certified instructors will create a fun environment to learn skiing and snowboarding. When you’re thinking of starting your entertainment center, SkiMachine is here to inspire and guide you toward that objective with the following tips:

  • UConduct a solid market analysis
  • Find the right location for your center
  • Create value for your community
  • gDevelop a multi-level training program
  • Thematize for recognition
  • Gamification and innovation
  • Keep visitors entertained with a variety of activities
  • Create brand awareness with the help of visitors
  • Organize summer and winter camps

Contact SkiMachine

Technology, knowledge, and expertise are the pillars of our research and product development and allow us to produce the highest quality indoor simulators in the industry. We are more than happy to provide you with professional input and additional information about our products at any time!

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