The beautiful Asian country Thailand is known for its majestic temples, pristine and turquoise waters, and magical white sand beaches, but it’s also home to some of the biggest shopping malls in the world! As entertainment is high on the list of priority, visitors of the Future park & Zpell mall in Bangkok are now able to take their skiing skills to the test!

Indoor ski center at Ski365 in Thailand

When visiting Bangkok, make sure to pass by ”Future park & Zpell Mall”. This giant shopping center covers an area of around 600.000 square meters, making it one of the 25 largest shopping centers in the world and by far the biggest of all the shopping centers in Thailand. Those who are a big fan of shopping are provided with the ultimate indoor and outdoor shopping experience.

1100 retail shops are to be found with an endless variety of consumer products. Besides the shops, there are 11 so-called “crowd magnets” to bring entertainment to the whole family. As Thailand belongs to the warmest places on earth, one wouldn’t expect to be practicing snow sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Nevertheless, SkiMachine is bringing the mountains to places where it would never be naturally possible! Ski center Ski365 is now home to a number of our Treadmill Ski Machines, providing all visitors of the Zpell mall with an indoor skiing experience!


SkiMachine by Alpine Engineering installed 3 treadmill ski machines that are suitable for 9 skiers simultaneously. Challenge your friends in an interactive game, maintain your health by doing ski-specific fitness exercises or take your skiing technique to the next level! The possibilities are endless at the indoor ski center in Thailand in Zpell Mall, just like our slopes.

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