SkiPlanner: booking software for indoor ski centers

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Ski Planner is an online booking and tracking system to optimize the service level to your students.

One of the biggest challenges for an indoor ski school is managing bookings and lesson levels. The seasonal character of a ski school with its peak season, in combination with a wide variety of ski and snowboard levels, makes it hard to book lessons manually and keep track of all individual skiers.

With SkiPlanner you can simplify the process and eliminate mistakes without having to hire extra staff.

It should be easy to book a lesson and keep track of progress. Assigning levels to the lessons enables customers, through a clearly defined search system, to find the lessons that will best suit them.

After booking, the lessons will be settled directly via an online payment module. This creates better cash flow and a healthier financial climate for your ski school.

SkiPlanner follows the client during his classes and automatically increases the lesson level when necessary. A manual adjustment or note can always be made by an instructor to track the progress of the customer over time.

SkiPlanner is fully responsive and can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers. This allows the customer to make and manage bookings at any time without the intervention of a customer representative, and the instructor to make real time notes.

The most important functionalities for indoor ski centers

SkiPlanner offers:

  • Clear CRM
    View all data of your customer such as booked lessons, products, invoices, notes and more, in one overview
  • Online booking and payment
    Customers can quickly and easily find, book and pay for lessons directly through any device.
  • Booking calendar
    All bookings per day or week are conveniently arranged in one calendar and easy to adjust by drag & drop options
  • Pupil tracking system
    The progression of each student is clear and can be automatically updated.
  • Completely flexible
    All products, lesson levels, age groups, tracks and many more settings can be set yourself, making it easily adaptable to your ski school.
  • Your own corporate identity
    Your customers see SkiPlanner with your logo and your corporate identity and e-mails are sent in your corporate identity.

‘’As the largest indoor ski school in the world, we look for optimal customer service every day. With SkiPlanner we give our customers the freedom to make and manage bookings themselves. As a result, there is faster processing of requests and changes. As a ski school owner I have more grip and insight on bookings, track occupation and staff planning. This causes an increase in sales and saves costs!’’
—Daniel Schinkel— SnowSportCenterUtrecht

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