Extensive, intimidating, and breathtaking – Discover the excitement of skiing on some of the world’s toughest slopes, meant for only the more skilled skiers. These slopes have steep inclines, icy surfaces, and challenging terrains, creating a thrilling experience for those seeking adventure. Let’s explore five of the hardest ski slopes in the world!

Harakiri – Mayrhofen, Austria

With an incredibly steep incline of 78%, Harakiri is renowned as the most sharply groomed run globally. Named after the Japanese term for ritual suicide, this Austrian slope requires both courage and skill. It draws thrill-seekers from all over the world to the Ski Zillertal 3000 area, eager to conquer its challenging icy and steep terrain.

harakiri mayrhofen

Le Mur Suisse – Portes du Soleil, France / Switzerland

Known as the Swiss Wall, this challenging run nestled between Switzerland and France in the Portes du Soleil ski area has a vertical drop of over 400 meters and moguls that can reach up to 2 meters in height. The initial steep and narrow section gives way to a rockier path, adding to the excitement for those brave enough to try!

Corbet’s Couloir – Jackson Hole, United States

Renowned among snow sports enthusiasts, Corbet’s Couloir in Jackson Hole is synonymous with fame and terror. Its scary image stems from the initial descent that demands a leap of faith, with narrow passages, unforgiving rock faces, and a great amount of powder. It’s a must-try for skiers, earning a spot on the list of hardest ski slopes in the world. 

Corbet's couloir Jackson hole

Delirium Dive – Banff Sunshine Village, Canada

The challenge of Delirium Dive lies in its first minute, requiring a freefall to kickstart the adventure. Weather-dependent and open only when conditions permit, this run rewards initial courage with breathtaking views over Lake Louise resorts. Equipped with a DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), skiers navigate through a high-risk avalanche zone, facing rocky slopes and icy terrain.

Streif – Kitzbühel, Austria

Host to the World Cup in mid-January, Streif is the most feared, admired, and spectacular downhill track globally. Known for its curves, rough patches, and abrupt changes in slope, the Mausefalle is one of its most feared sections with an 85% gradient and an 80-meter jump. Professional skiers reach speeds over 100 km/h on this iconic track.

Streiff Kitsbuhel

Safety comes first

Skiers want to make the most of their ski holidays, aiming for a unique and unforgettable experience. To navigate down the mountains safely, a skier needs to anticipate icy conditions, navigate bumps, handle other skiers, and maintain control over their speed while descending various slopes. Therefore, before going on an annual ski trip, thorough preparation becomes more important, especially if you plan to take on one of the hardest ski slopes in the world. Whether you’re an experienced skier or a novice, there’s no more effective and time-efficient way to master ski techniques than training on a treadmill ski slope. Indoor ski training during the summer not only helps refine skills and correct minor imperfections but also ensures peak performance and control over movements. This, in turn, can reduce anxiety, take away fear, prevent accidents, and allow skiers to take on the more difficult slopes with confidence. So, to maximize the enjoyment of your ski holidays, we strongly recommend doing some indoor ski training before going on your next winter sports adventure!

indoor ski lessons

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