A rush of snow beneath your skis, the feeling of cold air in your face, and the ambiance of a snow sports village with its magical views, twinkling lights, and packed après-ski bars.. the winter sports season is finally here! It’s evident that skiers want to enjoy the unique and memorable experience of ski holidays to the fullest. Therefore, SkiMachine is here to address the potential of winter sports preparations and how this could positively affect satisfaction during winter sports trips!

Why skiers need to prepare for ski holidays

Although this may sound surprising to some individuals, it is essential to know that skiing is a broad sport that requires you to master a wide variety of techniques that you can use on different terrains. In fact, both skiing and snowboarding are never-ending learning processes, no matter how much your ability improves. Safety is an important prerequisite for maximizing the fun during ski holidays. Therefore, skiers must be able to anticipate icy surfaces, bumps, and other skiers, control their speed at any cost and descend different levels of slopes carefree.

Preparing for ski holidays with indoor ski training is the number one tool to enhance a winter sports experience; a better technique increases control, which reduces anxiety and takes away fear. For instance, kids that are already acquainted with skiing will feel more comfortable and happy when taking ski lessons on the real slopes. Also, beginners who take lessons in advance will be able to join the more advanced members of their group more quickly, instead of having to spend an entire day in the valley on their own. In other words, a winning effort begins with preparation!

By practicing your skiing technique on a skiing simulator, you can develop the essential abilities and progress incredibly fast. In fact, the result of training an hour on a SkiMachine equals the result of training an entire morning in the mountains. This is due to several reasons:

ski simulator

Time-efficient way of training

Indoor ski training involves an endless repetition of making ski turns. Without sitting in a ski lift or a restaurant, you can use your time effectively!

ski holidays 2022

Constant circumstances

The SkiMachine excludes icy surfaces, bumps, and other skiers, allowing skiers to focus solely on shaping their technique and developing the right skiing turn.

winter sports

Mirror frame in the front

The mirror frame in the front of the SkiMachine provides immediate feedback on the skier’s movements while the skier tries to shape imperfections in the technique.


ProSnow® artificial ski grass

The ProSnow® artificial ski grass that is being used for SkiMachines is a synthetic artificial ski turf material for an infinite dry slope that offers a feeling that is similar the feeling of skiing on real snow.

interactive skiing

Interactive slalom projections

SkiMachines equipped with beamer projections not only increase the fun but also allow the ski instructor to create a more challenging learning path for maximum progression.

endless ski slope

Adjustable angle and speed

Both the angle and the speed of the SkiMachine can be adjusted to match the level of the skier. You can switch from a blue-level slope to a red-level slope in a matter of seconds.

The value of the ski instructor

There are many benefits of having a certified ski instructor by your side to guide you. As discovering your areas for improvement can be a challenging task, there is no substitute for following the ski lessons of a ski instructor. Therefore, one of the main benefits is that the instructor can analyze a skier’s technique from a very close distance and different angles. As a result, skiers can shape imperfections effectively with the accurate feedback that is provided by the instructor.

Second, having an instructor who guarantees your safety will increase your confidence; a safe learning environment is highly beneficial for a student’s progression. Finally, certified ski instructors can offer wide training programs with different modules that each focus on a specific part of the skiing technique. Meanwhile, the life of the ski instructor is made easier by employing a well-developed teaching program that helps to increase the quality of the ski lessons. When including interactive slalom projections in these programs, the ski instructor can provide skiers of all skill levels with a fun and endless learning path. As a result, students can keep their progress and enjoy ski holidays to the fullest!

Skiing on a indoor ski simulator

Why you should organize instructor training

To guarantee the return of visitors to your ski center, the ski instructors must have the desired skill level, communicate professionalism, and apply the latest teaching methods. Having a proper teaching program will keep ski lessons both fun and challenging. While the advanced skiers can keep progressing, kids can familiarize themselves with skiing in a playful way. In addition, the program can guide ski instructors and should be refined every year, based on the customer needs of the respective ski center. Therefore, SkiMachine recommends ski centers organize yearly instructor training to keep the team of instructors on track and maximize value creation for customers.

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